Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of My Favorite Things...Day 1

Welcome friends!  I am always so thankful for The Nesters 31 Day writing challenge in October.  It refocuses me, it challenges me, and gets me back on the blogging wagon.  So for you new readers, I am so thankful you stopped by this little corner of the world and for those 2 of you (or mom) who read regularly, thanks for sticking around!  You will at least be guaranteed 31 days of blogs.  If you haven't you might want to follow my blog, which you can do on the sidebar either through Bloglovin or by email.  I would love to have you follow along on this journey!

Last night I asked my Facebook friends for some suggestions of what to write about for 31 days because honestly, I was having a hard time narrowing down the topic!  I had everything from 31 days of positive, quotes, decorating ideas, things to do with cream cheese, that I decided to roll all those things into one broader topic....31 Days of My Favorite Things!  (Cue Sound of Music sing-along)

I am convinced that through this topic, I can include all of the things my friends suggested, even cream cheese.  So if you choose to join me on this journey you will see all kinds of posts here on Everyday Blessings throughout the month of October.  Some will be serious, some funny but all some of my favorite things!  And friends, I have some exciting news.  One of my favorite things will be helping with a giveaway toward the end of the month and I promise you don't want to miss it!

So let's get started!

Day 1 of My Favorite Things...My Rainbows

Yep, my first day of writing is going to be all about some flip flops.  I will never forget when I got this pair of flip flops.  My sweet Mamaw bought them for me during a beach trip when I was in the 9th grade.  Yes friends, I have had the same pair of Rainbow flip flops since the 9th grade.  I did lose them for a little while, but they have been my favorite shoes for forever.

These shoes get me.  When I slide my foot in, it's the perfect fit.  They are comfortable not only in how they feel but just because I feel like the know me.  These shoes have been all over the world with me.  They have walked the streets in New York City when I went with two great friends to attend a workshop at Columbia University.  They have listened to countless concerts from Avett Brothers to Mumford and Sons to Maroon 5.  These shoes went with me to the ends of the as I visited Johannesburg South Africa to hold babies at Door of Hope.  They have been with me when I cried over losing my dad, fought with my mom, hugged my brother after a baseball game.  I know it might sound crazy, but there are just so many memories with these shoes.  I love that they have gone with me when I have taken risks, when I have been with some of my very favorite people, when I have been teaching the hundreds of students over the years.  They have seen the sunrise at the beach and walked the streets of my hometown.  They really are my favorite.

Several friends have offered to take up a collection for me to get new rainbow.  They laugh and roll their eyes when they see them on my feet. But I am so thankful for each step these shoes have allowed me to take.  I am going to have to retire these friends soon, as I can feel the ground through the bottom of the sole.  I know their replacements will also go on lots of adventures and I am excited to see where they will take me!  Do you have shoes that have journeyed with you?

Thanks for the memories and the adventures!  Here's to new adventures and journeys!  


  1. Oh my goodness. What a joy you are!

  2. I love Rainbows! I had a pair for several years that were the only shoes I wore. I wore them with toe socks in the winter!

  3. Those poor, poor shoes. ;) I feel that, when the time comes to replace them, there must a ceremony of sorts. :)
    Love you, friend!

  4. Your blog is adorable, I love your art work and its so well laid out. I love the post about Rainbow flip flops, and how you have had them since the 9th grade!

  5. 9th grade?!? As in, like, 12 years ago? ;)


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