Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 days of My Favorite Things: Day 15 Polished

One of the things I loved about this topic for my 31 day challenge was that I could write about more serious, heavy things like yesterday's post and in the same week talk about something a little more light hearted and fun like today's post!

Within the past couple of years, I have fallen in love with paining my fingernails.  I have always enjoyed a pedicure, but my fingernails were a different story.  Typically I don't have long nails, so I never splurged on manicures at the salon.  But I do love having color on my nails so I decided to just take that task on myself!  So today, I am sharing some of my favorite fall nail colors! 

1.  Essie Don't Sweater It

Don't you just love the names of nail polish colors? I think I might want that to be my job.  I am pretty witty, I could do it!  Naming nail polish and crayons might be my next profession.

Anyways, I love this color so much!  I like that it some light it looks more purple and in others it seems brown.  It screams fall to me.  Essie polish is probably my favorite and this one is no exception!

2.  Essie  Over the Edge

Honestly, when I first bought this polish several years ago, I thought I might need to buy black lipstick and some Doc Martens.  It seemed a little too edgy for me!  But it has become my go to color for fall and winter.  I love that it has the slightest sparkle and when I am feeling extra sassy, I will paint one finger on each hand with my multi colored glitter!  

3.  OPI Cute Little Vixen

This color might be more on the Christmas list, but I think it is a good transition color from Fall to Winter.  I like that it isn't candy apple red but still is red to be sassy!  (I do like to paint my nails candy apple red every now and then too).  And another reason I love this color is it in the Mariah Carey collection, so I will sometimes sing a little Always be My Baby or Dreamlover when my nails are this color!  

What are your favorite colors for fall?  


  1. What a great site you have! Thanks for sharing. I have always thought it would be so fun to the that person who comes up with names for nail polish colors. I really like the "sweater" color too.

  2. I love the names of nail polishes too and OFTEN think I’d love the job of naming them!! I really like that sweater color you listed. I usually don’t paint my fingernails but this color might urge me to do it.

  3. Color names are entertaining (a bit confusing to remember at times for me). I NEVER paint my own nails, but I love having them painted. visiting from #write31days

  4. I always wanted a job naming bands. Like, I seriously think about starting a business where bands come to me for names. I think of band names ALL THE TIME.

    Anyway, Essie Don't Sweater It looks like a great color. I need some of that!

    The Avon rep in my is coming out, but I really like their Stardust line, especially Cystallized Pink.

  5. Ooooh... I love that first one - I love that it can look purple or brown! I am so over due for a mani and a pedi! I just may splurge and buy that new color and treat myself today! Stopping by from our 31Dayers fb group! (and I love all things Fall and yes, what a fun job that would be to pick names of colors... crayons, nail polish, paint! So fun!)

  6. As a nursing instructor, I don't paint my nails, because when we are in clinical we dont' allow the students to have bright colors... however, this post makes me wish that I did. I loved that first color! Beautiful. Maybe I'll splurge and buy some nail polish... after all, that's what remover is for, right? Except I don't know that I could paint them myself... I always managed to smudge when I was younger. Love this series!

  7. I might paint my nails this weekend now :)


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