Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of My Favorite Things: Day 2: My Hometown

Excited to share Day 2 of My Favorite Things with you on the blog today!  It's been so fun to go to the Link Up on the 31 days page and see all the different topics that are being shared!  I am starting to think that I should take the month of October off and read all day!  Love that bloggers are sharing their hearts, taking risks and building community through this project!

Today I am going to share about one of my favorite cities, partly because I am taking a little road trip there this afternoon and also because I just love it!  One of my favorite places in the world is my hometown of Asheville, NC!

I could go on and on about the people, the culture, the food, the shopping, just the overall feel of this city!  Growing up, I certainly didn't appreciate the beauty that was surrounding me.  I didn't take advantage of the wonderful things Asheville has to offer.  The good news is as an adult, I frequent this town and am starting to take advantage of this little southern gem!

Here are a few of my favorites in Asheville...

The Screen Door

I love stores that offer eclectic merchandise.  And this is just what The Screen Door does!  It is set up like a typical antique mart with different booths, but many of the items are handmade by local artisans.  It is rare that I leave this place without something.  Several years ago a booth had the most amazing chairs, so I purchased them for my dining room table, and get some many compliments on them.  And one of the best parts to The Screen Door is there is a discount book store attached!  What could be better!

If you are looking to find a unique gift for a friend or love thrifting yourself, I would highly recommend this place!  

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Oh my friends...if you have ever visited Asheville and haven't made a stop to the Chocolate Lounge, you are really missing out!  This quaint little piece of chocolate heaven has everything you need for a perfect end to an evening out, celebrating a birthday or a girls night out.  Chocolate is the name of the game and they do it right!  My personal favorite is the Chocolate Creme Brulee but you can't really go wrong with anything!  Depending on when you stop in, you might have to wait in line outside, but trust me when I say the wait is worth it!  Be sure to read how the store got started as well, it is a great story!

Sunny Point Cafe

You really must run to this West Asheville favorite if you love all things brunch.  This is by far my favorite place to meet my friends for a Saturday afternoon brunch.  Be prepared to wait a little while as it is a pretty popular spot!  But friends, it is so worth the wait.  If you are a fan of bacon, and honestly who isn't a fan of bacon, you must try the Breakfast Sandwich.  The french toast is to die for and you can't go wrong with the grilled pimento cheese sandwich.  The atmosphere is causal and just a great spot to meet up with friends for a fun Saturday afternoon.

I am a music junkie.  One of my dream jobs would be to go on tour with a band and homeschool their kids while we tour the country.  While there are lots of venues in Asheville that I could tell you about,  I really do love The Orange Peel.  I haven't had a bad concert experience there and they bring in some of my favorite lesser known artists.  By far my favorite show that I was able to see there was the group Pentatonix from the show the Sing Off. It is a quaint venue and the atmosphere is always exciting.  One downfall to the Orange Peel is there is not seating, that didn't used to bother me until a few years ago, guess I am getting old! :)

I could go on and on about places I love in Asheville you know like The Southern, Corner Kitchen, Biltmore Park, The Carolina Cinema, the drum circle, the Hop Ice Cream shop, The Book Exchange and Champagne Bar, but maybe I will have to save those for another post.  

If you haven't been to my precious hometown, what are you waiting for?  And if you ever need a tour guide...well, I'm your girl! 

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  1. The Chocolate Lounge is going to be moving to Pack Square, which will be great because no more standing out the door to wait in line!

    I too was at the Pentatonix show at the Peel. Good times.


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