Thursday, January 8, 2015

All in

I wish I could say that 2015 will be the year that I will be a more consistent blogger.  And maybe it will, maybe this will be the year that spurs me to be more intentional about sharing on the blog.  Typical Brooke would share all the millions of excuses and reasons why I haven't kept up with the blog over the last couple of months, but honestly I am not sure anyone wants to read that.  So I will simply say, in 2015 I will try.

I have been reading blog after blog over the last few days about New Year's Goals, most people are straying away from the resolution these days.  People are striving to do things different in the New Year, eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family and friends, be more intentional.  And while I haven't made a list of goals for myself yet, I find myself wanting to steal the goal lists from others.  Do you ever do that?  Think that other people's plans and goals for their lives are better than what God might have placed on your heart as the path for your life?  This is seems to be such a dangerous game, and not one I want to play in 2015.

Last year at this time, I chose a word that I wanted to focus on for the year.  Last year my word was LESS. You check out that post here and read about how I wanted to be LESS in 2014.  I think I did accomplish much of what I was going for with that word.  It certainly didn't go without the occasional mess up and I am confident I lost focus many times, but it was nice to have something to come back to,  something to direct my thoughts, actions and responses throughout the year.

This year I have kinda struggled with what I wanted the focus of my year to be.  The last few months have been especially interesting in my life...changes, new possibilities, discontentment, it just been one of those seasons.  So as I reflected on how I wanted to spend 2015, I wasn't super clear, but I finally narrowed it down to one word that I want to rely on this year.  My word for 2015 will be..

 Present.  This is my goal for the new year.  To be present.  I'm here a lot, but often not present.  I want to be all there like the quote above says.  Many times I will sit down to read a book or spend time with the Lord and instead of being all in, I am going through my to do list, worrying about things I can't control or so distracted that I miss the blessing of that time.  

I love being with my people.  My family, friends and those who I am close to are what keeps me going.  And while I am with them a lot, I wonder am I truly present?  Too often I reach for my phone to see what is going on with people all over the world instead of giving my time and attention to the people who are right beside me.  I want those who are close to me to know how valued and important they are. I want to focus on the now!

I want to be present with the Lord.  He often gets my leftover time, my tired time or my I need something time.  Is this being all in with Him?  When He prompts me to do something do I act or do I say not now God?  I want to experience His presence more in the new year and I am confident one of the only ways to do that is to be present with Him at all times.  

The word present is also a verb which means "to give".  One of my love languages is giving gifts and this fits perfect with my word focus for the year.  I want to be more gracious with my time and energy.  I want to present myself to God everyday as an willing sacrifice to be used as He sees fit.  I want to give more to my family and to my friends.  This will require me to be concerned a little less with my own needs and wants and to be more intentional in finding out the needs of those around me.  I want to send more letters, give more care packages, share more encouragement.  

I am excited about living in the moment, being all in, being present.  And who knows, 2015 might just be the best year yet! 

What are your new year goals or your word for the year?  I would love to hear how you plan to be all in in 2015!

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