Sunday, March 13, 2011

day of lists...list 12

list 12: weekly rituals

i am not really someone who is very ritualistic (is that even a word?). there are things i do each week, but very few of them happen on the same day or during the same time each week. so i will just list some things i do weekly....enjoy!

- hang out with my home group from church

- go to church

- school....everyday monday through friday...spending time with 5th graders...everyday :)

- waste way too much time on facebook or the computer in general

- Glee!

- watch too much DVRed tv

- laundry

- weekly target trip (might be more like daily, but who really needs to know that)

- spend time with the Lord

- eat out with friends

- talk to my momma

what do you do every week?



  1. Hey Brooke,
    I know this is random, but I saw your blog page and recognized you from way back when I attended journeys. It was probably in 2000 or so. My name is Kara and just wanted to say hi. My blog is Still remember from time to time how wonderful journeys was...thanks!

  2. Really like your blog. Glad I found it. I have been having fun reading over your posts.


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