Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day of 8

in my bag....and a very cute bag i might will find...

- wallet- i am holding out hope for this super cute owl wallet, but for now it is my plain black $5 target wallet

- camera- i carry it with me everywhere which leads to a very heavy bag!

- checkbook- yes,i still write checks, and i actually like it

- chapstick/lip gloss (x6)- located in my fun bag from girls weekend...and great reminder of how blessed i am with some great friends

- keys- 3 sets

- cell phone- my friend the droid...i do love you!

- pictures i picked up from walgreens- now they just need a home!

- coupons

- various pens and sharpies

- dry erase marker or markers- this is the sign of being a teacher

- random change

- cute green notebook

- fiber one bar- never know when you might be hungry

- planner

- candy from Mugg and Bean- this would be from my trip to Africa this heart would love to be back! i think i hold onto it as a reminder of an unbelievable trip.

have a great week!


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