Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in the Blogging World...30 days of Lists

It has been on my heart a lot lately to get back into the blogging habit. My heart is full of things I want to say, but most days I have no idea how to put it into words. So, I thought by joining up with the 30 Days of Lists blog, I could ease back into sharing my heart and thoughts with you on my blog. I would also love if some of you might join up as well...I'm just sayin'!


When I saw the topic for the Day 1 list, I thought it would be an easy start. A few things about myself...how hard could that be? But as I tried to get my thoughts down on paper (I am keeping a paper journal of these lists as well) I could not think of anything to write. Maybe I am the only one who has this problem? I think it all boils down to this simple truth, I am not really all that happy with who I am. Now, before you leave me comment after comment on how wonderful I am (kidding here friends), I know this is something that the Lord is working on in my heart even now. I am open to really starting to love and accept the Brooke the Lord created. So here is my list for day 1...

A few things about me...

lover of God, my family and friends
daughter, sister, granddaughter, god mother, cousin, niece
blessed with an amazing group of friends both near and far
teacher to some pretty inspiring kids
love to travel, take pictures, collect cute paper products, drink diet coke
left part of my heart in Johannesburg, South Africa
excessive...in good and bad ways
a work in progress

happy tuesday friends!


  1. Love this post, and love you, too!

  2. And I love every single one of those things about you :)


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