Sunday, March 13, 2011

day of lists...list 10

a wishlist... (sorry i am a little behind on these lists, i am catching up today!)

today i am wishing for...

- a new ipod

- someone to come and clean my house, like really clean my house

- to be debt free

- a new wardrobe...with lots of cute shoes, accessories, dresses and cardigans. oh and a perfect pair of jeans

- more opportunities to travel

- all my favorite people to live in my backyard, or at least in my neighborhood

- a super relaxing and fun spring break

- to be 100% comfortable with who i am

- happiness and healing for all that i love

- to be a wife and a mom

- to see Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers in concert together

- to know who sent me a special piece of mail :)

list 11...coming soon!

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