Monday, April 7, 2014

Reunion and Exciting News

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend I probably had not seen in around 20 years.  Through the magic of Facebook,  we had chatted a few times and when I found out she was going to be in Asheville for vacation I knew we needed to make a point to see each other.  And I am ridiculously glad we did!  I will admit, I was a little bit nervous, I mean 20 years is a long time and Facebook can be sometimes be a little deceiving.  But friends, this meeting was exactly, I mean exactly what this heart needed!  

Carly and I have known each other since elementary school.  We spent many summer days at the East Asheville ball field, soaking up rays at the East Asheville pool.  I had my first wreck in her driveway.  We spent countless hours at each others houses, at OM meetings and various other things.  But like with so many other relationships, life got in the way.  We drifted apart and then college came, Carly moved to Montana after college, I stayed in NC,  and honestly after that I don't think we ever talked or saw each other.  I did have contact with her mom over the years as we both volunteered at a retreat. I would get my Carly updates from her mom and loved keeping up with her through her momma. 

This meeting this past week was a special one though, we were able to meet as not only friends but sisters in Christ.  And I really can't explain how good it was for my soul.  I am not sure a smile left my face the entire 3 hours we sat at dinner!  I know people say this a lot but it really was as if no time had passed since I had seen her last!  

And it was super fun to have our mommas there as well!  I think this will be the first of many mother/daughter dates for us four!  Well, as long as Carly comes back to visit! :)

These past few months, I have been trying to change some harmful habits in my life, mainly in the area of fitness and food.  Food has always been my enemy.  Well, actually in my head food was my friend, one of my best friends.  I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was sad, I ate when I was celebrating or depressed.  I looked to food as my comfort.  I guess it is the same way some people look to drugs, alcohol, shopping (oh, shopping might be my friend too :) ).  I looked to food to fill a void that it was not meant to fill.  And in the process I started to slowly really dislike myself.  

This year with the help of several friends, I have decided it is time to take charge of that area of my life.  I fully accept the fact that I will never be a size 4.  And I am totally ok with that.  But I do want to be healthy, to feel good, to be happy with the Brooke I see in the mirror.  I have seen some success, it is slow, it is hard, it is challenging.  But everyday is a new day, a day full of choices and grace.  I have had some great weeks, where the scale has been my friend and there have been weeks where I have screwed up in big ways.  The beauty of this journey for me right now though is that for everytime I make a mistake, I can choose to make a different choice next time.  I am slowly, and I do mean slowly learning what grace really looks like.  

What does all this have to do with having dinner with a long lost friend?  Well, that night at dinner Carly challenged me.  She actually kinda pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit.  And it was a good thing.  I am really very thankful for her boldness in asking me some hard questions and for causing me to think about some things in a new way!  One thing she mentioned to me was a book called "Made to Crave".  She shared that this book had led to some great reflection and revelation in her life and might be one I would want to check out.  Little did she know this book had been on my shelf for the last several years.  At the time I bought the book I wasn't really ready to be on the journey I am on now.  I wasn't ready to think about why I seemed to turn to food instead of God, friends, family, my support system.  But now I think I am ready.  Am I scared?  You have no idea!  I am not one that really likes to come face to face with her shortcomings or weaknesses.  I am a much more of a 'out of sight, out of mind' kind of girl.  However, I know this is the time to face these things head on.  

This is where this little blog comes into play!  I need to be help accountable.  So I am going to do a book study through my blog.  For the next 9 weeks I am going to use Mondays on the blog as Made to Crave Mondays.  

I am going to read 2 chapters each week and share my thoughts, questions, struggles, etc on the blog.  I have never done anything like this before, but I know that this will be a good way to process this book and keep me accountable to actually finishing it!  And I would love for you to join me in this journey! Maybe you have struggled with food as well, or maybe you satisfy those cravings with other things and are ready to let that go.  I would love for you to share your thoughts as well!  

If you think you would like to join up with me on Mondays to share thoughts about this book, go grab a copy!  Here is a link to the book on Amazon!  Right now for the Kindle it is only $4.99!  :)  Next week we will be diving into the intro and Chapters 1 and 2.  Next week I will post a reading plan for the entire book so you will know what is coming!  

Thanks for listening to my rambling about this journey and for all the ways you encourage me!  Can't wait to see the results of this next step!  And so thankful for long time forever friends!  :)


  1. Stopping by from Click and Chat link up party. I'm now following you at all your social media! Stop by and say hi to me sometimes @ Looking forward to sharing with a new blog friend.. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I am so happy to hear of your new step in the journey to wholeness! Having friends to share your ups and downs is a very sound idea. It has taken me many years to work this out, cravings and addictions, but it has been worth it! I am proud of you.


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