Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday

Excited to link up with Five on Friday today! 

{O N E}

Y'all, do you watch Scandal?  This show messes with my mind and I love it!  One thing I look forward to every week is heading over to my friend Kristi's house, piling up in her bed and watching Scandal! And I don't even mind staying up that late on school nights!  Tonight's episode was ridiculous.  Who saw all that coming?  I am a little sad that this was the season finale and we have to wait til fall to find out what happens with Jake and Liv and Fitz and Mellie.  Here is how Kristi and I felt after the finale...
{T W O}

Last weekend I went to visit my grandmother for a day and one of her favorite things to do is to go grocery shopping!  Her town does not have only Lowes grocery like we do so I love being able to go to the Ingles to find some of my favorites.  I had seen this Black Bean Hummus there a few weeks ago and I knew I really wanted to try it.  And I am so glad I did.  It is amazing!  I ate it with tortilla chips pretty much everyday this week!  I also am a big fan of the fact that is made in Asheville! :)

{T H R E E}

Last year I heard about a great organization called Bead for Life which empowers Ugandan women living in extreme poverty by teaching them a trade.  These women make the most beautiful handmade beads into jewelry and the organization sends you a box of assorted items for you to host a bead party!  All the money goes right back to the women to help support their families.  I have a huge heart for Africa so I decided to host another party this year!  I can't wait til May 8th to host some of my friends for a Bead for Life party!  Check out their website to learn more and how you can help!  This year in my box they even sent me a surprise treat and I LOVE it!  I think the color is beautiful!  If you live in the Hickory area, please join me on May 8th to check out all the beautiful stuff!

{F O U R}

Anyone out there subscribe to a box, like Birchbox or Julep?  I had subscribed to Birchbox for about a year and really loved getting the treats in the mail once a month.  Over the past couple of months though, I wasn't really impressed with the products that were showing up in my boxes, so I decided to cancel my subscription.  Because I loved getting the mail so much, I did a little research on a new subscription and found one I am so excited about.  It is called Mission Cute (don't you love the name?) and the thing I love about it is that is partners with a non profit each month and 50% of the proceeds go to that non profit.  They have even supported some non profit organizations here in NC.  The other thing I love is that the items in the box are from small businesses and local artists.  I got my first box this week and I was so excited about it!  

I am a sucker for cute packaging!  Loving that polka dotted tissue paper!

Here is the non profit they are partnering with this month!  

And here are the goodies that were in my box!  Inside was a handmade candle made in NC which smells divine,  a super cute necklace, a new key chain and a handmade print!  So cute!

Friends you should totally check out this fun new organization!  I can't wait til May's box!

{F I V E}

It is finally Spring Break and I couldn't be more excited!  I am looking forward to no alarm clocks, leisurely lunches with friends, time with family and just some overall relaxation!  

Hope you all have had a great week!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Worth of the Dream conference ticket!  

Have a blessed Easter weekend!  

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  1. Ok, wow, that's crazy that I looked at the stuff in your box, and the print had the exact words that were the theme for my life this week. Check out my blog...!


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