Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking like Spring

This week has been glorious!  The sun has been shining, the flowers blooming and the temperatures rising!  Nothing makes me happier, spring is here friends!  One thing that I really love to do when a new season is upon us is spruce up the decorations in my house.  Tonight I worked on adding a little spring to my sun room!

Here is the whole set up!  I purchased this table when I first moved into my house and really love what it adds to this room!  We are really lucky to have a ton of quality furniture stores in Hickory, the furniture capital of the world!  Excuse the mess underneath, those are all my cute paper products!

I fell in love with this burlap bunny banner at Target a week or so ago, isn't it so cute?  I left it there the first time I saw it, but I knew it needed to be in my house this spring!  And friends, it is a steal, only $5.99!  I love it so much!  And the 3 tier piece is a find from Zulily!  So fun!  The shutters were rescued from my friends The Lemkes!  They were going to throw them out and I figured I could find something to do with them! I think they add a lot to this wall!

Often I tell people my spiritual gift is "fonting".  I love to write, try new fonts and a chalkboard is a really great way for me to use those skills! If you write on a chalkboard, I highly recommend you get chalk markers instead of using real chalk.  Sometimes real chalk just don't go on as smooth and dark.  I love these chalk pens I found on Amazon!

I hit up my favorite store on Monday, Hobby Lobby and got a big bag of Spanish Moss to add some green to my spring decorations.  I think the color adds a lot to these glass containers I also got there.  I had been on the lookout for some colorful, non-plastic eggs and couldn't find them anywhere.  Pier 1 is near Target, so I stopped in and found just what I was looking for and that sweet little rabbit!

The vases with flowers and the small vases were a target find several years ago.  Gotta love target clearance!  I really like what they add to the set up!

How do you decorate for spring?  I would love to hear your ideas!  Have a great Friday friends!


  1. Very cute decor, I especially love your chalkboard. You're very talented.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Rebekah @ Somewhere in the Middle
    P.S. Isn't Target the best? :)


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