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Made to Crave Monday {chapters 1 and 2}

Anxious.  Nervous.  Excited.  Scared.  Hopeful.  These are just some of the emotions that I am feeling as we start this journey through the book Made to Crave.  My mind has been racing, excited to see what the Lord will do through the reading and processing of this book, but also because I am scared I will fail.  I know that this is not a magic fix to a problem that has been a stronghold in my life for a long time.  But I also know that I am not sure I can let myself down one more time.  (Whoa, you guys might not want to know all this personal stuff).  :)  

I am also nervous because I have never done a book study on my blog before.  I don't really know what I am doing!  I am sure there are a million better ways to approach this but this is the format we will use. Each week we will read 2 chapters of the book. On Mondays, I will post my thoughts on the chapters, things that stood out to me, aha moments, areas I struggled.  And you guys who are reading along with us can post your reflections and thoughts in the comments on the post!  So let's get started!

Today we are going to discuss the Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2.  Did anyone else feel like the introduction could have been a chapter in itself?  There was so much great stuff in those few pages. Here are a few things that stood out to me in this section of the book.


"It's not the 'how to' I'm missing.  It's the 'want to'...really wanting to make changes and deciding that the results of those changes are worth the sacrifice." (pg. 11)

Isn't this so true!  I know how to do many things...keep my bed made, put my laundry away, get enough sleep.  But what makes the biggest difference is the want!  I know that an apple is a much better choice but gosh that ice cream sure is yummy!  Anyone else struggle with the want?  

"I knew certain things about myself needed to change but it was easier to make excuses than it was to tackle them head on." (pg. 13)

This is one area of my life that I have struggled with forever.  I am the queen of excuses.  And I know this about myself.  I can rationalize just about anything.  And when it comes to food and eating choices, I am a master.  Here are a couple of my favorites:  It's so hard to cook for one person.  Eating out is how I socialize with people. I am a terrible cook.  Yep, I probably use these weekly daily if we are honest.  I hope that the Lord will change my heart with this.  It is not longer about an excuse.  Time to face the facts!  

Chapter 1

First off, random thought.  Is it really a hunger "pang"?  I think my whole life I referred to them as hunger pains.  Oh my, guess I looked foolish!  

I enjoyed this chapter, but can already feel the little push back in my heart about what is going to come. Not a bad thing, a necessary thing.  I love this idea that God made us to crave- to long for, to want greatly, to desire eagerly, even beg for something.  But it's not really just something, He made us this way to CRAVE HIM!  Our craving was never meant to be for food, money, alcohol, sex.  It was for God and only God.  Such an area where I fail.  I realized as I was reading this, that in the last few years, I think I have been craving everything but God.  It makes me sad and embarrassed to admit that and make that statement public (well, public for you 10 people who read my blog).  I long for many things, want many things greatly, but if I were to take an inventory of what topped that list, I am not sure a deep relationship with God is there.  

"But Satan wants to do everything possible to replace our craving with God with something else.  He knows where we are weak!"

Amen, Sister!  Satan is such an intentional enemy.  The fact that he knows our weaknesses so specifically and uses them to lure us away from a loving God blows me away.  I don't want to sound cheesy with this but man it is so true!  I have a weakness for being accepted.  I crave people to value me, to find me worthy.  And over the last few years, Satan has used this weak part of my character to tempt me with things I never knew I would be. And while that has nothing to do with my food choices, it has everything to do with being prepared and ready for those temptations.  What did I do in the moment, I gave in.  What do I do when I go through the drive thru in the morning to get coffee, get a biscuit too.  Even though all the way to the McDonalds, I told myself over and over that I was not going to.  Do you have any areas where you feel weak as well?  I am comforted in some ways that Jesus was tempted too.  But the difference between Jesus and me, well first off he is Jesus and the other is truth.  He was covered in truth, and I love the idea of having scripture to quote when those cravings come up.  

I loved the verse Lysa shared at the end of Chapter 1.  "Everything is permissible- but not everything is beneficial" (1 Corinthians 10:23).  I am going to make a cute printable of this to hang on my fridge as a reminder that not all choices are beneficial for me!  What verses are your go to verses?  What were your Chapter 1 take aways?

Chapter 2

After reading this chapter, I now know why I haven't lost all the weight I want to, it's the ponytail holder! :)  The description of the ritual of getting on the scale, not seeing progress, eating the cinnamon rolls, etc sounds oh so familiar.  Is that only me?  I sure hope not!

Probably the most powerful words I read in this chapter are two very simple words, but they are resonating with me for some reason. 

"Always later" (pg. 28)

That seems to become my mantra when I am looking at making healthy lifestyle changes.  I will start on Monday are also popular words.  But what is so special about Monday?  Nothing!  It just buys me a little more time to spiral down the path of hopelessness.  And something if I am really honest everything about this journey seems hopeless.  

"This wasn't really about the scale or what clothing size I was; it was about this battle that raged in my heart." (pg. 28)

When I read this my immediate thought was actually it is about the clothing size.  But when I really stopped to reflect and ponder what this meant, I am convinced it is not about that.  Of course a smaller clothing size will be nice. Very nice, I do love to shop for new clothes.  But ultimately it boils down to that one really tough question that is posed in this chapter.  Is it possible "Is it possible we love and rely on food more than we love and rely on God?"  Ouch!  I am not sure I rely on food more than God, but sometimes I think I certainly love it more.  In a lot of ways, food equals joy to me.  I eat when I am celebrating things, when I am happy.  Think about it when it is time to celebrate a friend's birthday what is one of the first things you do, think about where you want to go out to eat!  And there is nothing wrong with that!  I will continue to enjoy those celebrations with  my friends.  But what this chapter has got me thinking is that I need to ask for strength in those times when food becomes a temptation.  And I feel really stupid saying that.  But it is true.  Judge me if you need too.  I need strength when it comes to making smart choices with my food!  I need to pray when I am thinking about food when I am not hungry.  And allow my heart to change in the process.  Don't get me wrong here, will there be some days when girl scout cookies are just what I need to feel better, yep, I am going to say yes!  But can I be more conscious of asking the Lord to satisfy me in those times, yes, I sure can! 

The question that I think I am going to spend some time on in the next couple of days is this one, what motivates me to want to eat differently?  Is it that I think my life will all the sudden come together if I lose weight?  Will I find the family I have been longing for for so many years?  Will all the hurt places in my heart magically disappear if I lose weight?  I am not sure of my answer here yet.  This one is hard for me.  But I can slowly feel the tide turning in this area of my life.  

So friends, what is your take away from these first 2 chapters?  What aha's did you have, what questions are you pondering?  I am so excited to hear your thoughts. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Let's do this journey together!  


  1. My dear Brooke, I have not read this book, but I have worked in the weight loss industry and had my own middle aged struggles... What I know is that it is hard, but more often than not it is mind over matter. And it must be something you choose to do because it is important to you. No one else. Leaning into God is certainly a key element in the battle. And I do believe it is a battle. I am proud of you for being willing to put this out there and to be transparent. You can do it. Lean into God. And drink lots of water! ;) Love you!

  2. Brooke- thanks for doing this study- I have been wanting to read this book and am looking forward to your thoughts! I hope to get the book and get caught up. I am at the place where I have lost about 50lbs (actually I tipped the scale at 51 lbs lost today after 3 months in the 40 lbs range) and am now struggling to be motivated to keep going and throughout this process have been very aware of how much of a psychological thing this is.

    From your chapter one reflections- the verse that has been motivating me the most recently is actually from Song of Solomon where the girls say to "Catch us the little foxes" the little foxes are the little sins in our lives and the verse is referring to striving to be truly holy and getting all the sin out of our lives- even the little ones! Like the cupcake that was at the wedding I worked this weekend (I work in a wedding venue we see cupcakes and cakes every weekend)
    I would love to see your verse once you print it out


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