Sunday, March 13, 2011

day of lists...list 12

list 12: weekly rituals

i am not really someone who is very ritualistic (is that even a word?). there are things i do each week, but very few of them happen on the same day or during the same time each week. so i will just list some things i do weekly....enjoy!

- hang out with my home group from church

- go to church

- school....everyday monday through friday...spending time with 5th graders...everyday :)

- waste way too much time on facebook or the computer in general

- Glee!

- watch too much DVRed tv

- laundry

- weekly target trip (might be more like daily, but who really needs to know that)

- spend time with the Lord

- eat out with friends

- talk to my momma

what do you do every week?


30 days of lists...list 11

list: date nights

well, i am not sure how inspired i feel about this topic...but i will share with you somethings that i think would make fun date/hang out nights

- concert. if you know me, you know i love live music and this is a perfect date night or a perfect hang out night with friends. and my favorite live show of course..the avett brothers!

- picnic and hike

- pizza and movie night at home

- thirft store day and coffee

i am sure there are more, but this is all i can think of for now!


day of lists...list 10

a wishlist... (sorry i am a little behind on these lists, i am catching up today!)

today i am wishing for...

- a new ipod

- someone to come and clean my house, like really clean my house

- to be debt free

- a new wardrobe...with lots of cute shoes, accessories, dresses and cardigans. oh and a perfect pair of jeans

- more opportunities to travel

- all my favorite people to live in my backyard, or at least in my neighborhood

- a super relaxing and fun spring break

- to be 100% comfortable with who i am

- happiness and healing for all that i love

- to be a wife and a mom

- to see Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers in concert together

- to know who sent me a special piece of mail :)

list 11...coming soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day of 9

favorite blogs/websites

- facebook: i know sad but true. i definitely remember when i first heard of facebook. i was so upset because i could not have an account, do you remember sarai? and now, well...i sure do love it!

- gmail

- newton conover city schools- not sure it is my favorite, but one i sure do visit bunches

- amazon- i heart amazon!

- etsy

- a holy experience

- blogs, there are so many that i could list- annieblogs, teammartins, saraig, and many other friends, people i would like to be my friends, crafty blogs, the list goes on and on

- picnik

- failblog, cake wrecks, failbook- hahah :)

- reality steve- i do love a good reality show spoiler blog

what are your favorite websites? would love to hear!

have a great week!

day of 8

in my bag....and a very cute bag i might will find...

- wallet- i am holding out hope for this super cute owl wallet, but for now it is my plain black $5 target wallet

- camera- i carry it with me everywhere which leads to a very heavy bag!

- checkbook- yes,i still write checks, and i actually like it

- chapstick/lip gloss (x6)- located in my fun bag from girls weekend...and great reminder of how blessed i am with some great friends

- keys- 3 sets

- cell phone- my friend the droid...i do love you!

- pictures i picked up from walgreens- now they just need a home!

- coupons

- various pens and sharpies

- dry erase marker or markers- this is the sign of being a teacher

- random change

- cute green notebook

- fiber one bar- never know when you might be hungry

- planner

- candy from Mugg and Bean- this would be from my trip to Africa this heart would love to be back! i think i hold onto it as a reminder of an unbelievable trip.

have a great week!


Monday, March 7, 2011

day of 7

today is a list of blog goals. as much as i would love to become "blog famous" , i am also realistic. i know that will probably never happen. heck, i don't even know how many of my friends really read this thing. but here are a few goals i have for myself and my little corner of the blog world.

blog goals...

- be a consistent blogger (not my strength)

- design a new banner and redo my blog design

- find a few more followers

- be more transparent on my blog, in hopes that it blesses someone else's journey. never wanted this to be a laundry list of the things i do each day.

- catch up on google reader...hahaha!

what are you goals friends???

happy monday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 days of 6

list #6

least favorite words

when i checked the 30 days of lists blog today to find out the list of the day, i couldn't help but giggle when i saw the topic for today's list. if you have spent anytime with me you know there are a long lists of words that i do not like to say or card words as i like to call them. many of you get great pleasure in saying them around me and watching me squirm. i have not included all red card words on this list, but here is a small sampling of the words i do not like!

* please note, i don't like the word rural because i have a hard time saying it. the word patty is not in reference to the name but in things like hamburger patty or peppermint pattie. the word can't has always been banned from my classroom so that is why it is included. and well, the others, i feel they are self explanatory! *

i am sure some of you can think of a long list of other words that should have been included. feel free to leave them in the comment section!

happy sunday friends!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days of Lists...Day 5

List #5

goals for the weekend

- catch up with some amazing people from journey #22- check

- get a hug from my mom- check

- laundry- in process

- spend some quality time with my couch and maybe even throw in a little nap- check

- clean- hmm....

- work on my bible study for home group- later this evening

- food and theater with friends- tonight, my friends, tonight!

happy weekend!

Days of Lists...Day 4

Excited does not begin to describe how I feel about this list. Music has always been a super important part of my life. It evokes emotion, takes me back in time, and brings me closer to the heart of God. In all reality, I could probably list 100's of songs for this challenge, but i am going to stick with some of my current favorites. Enjoy friends!

Today's Playlist...
- beautiful things- gungor

- shadowfeet- brooke fraser

- everything's right- matt wertz

- you and me- dave matthews

- skeleton bones and how he loves- john mark mccmillan (who i will be seeing in concert this week!)

- falling- the civil wars

- divine romance- phil wickham

- one word- shane and shane

- fire fall down- hillsong

- all i need is you- hillsong

- all i need- jj heller

and my current obsession....

- mumford and sons

- the avett brothers

check out these videos to get a little taste of mumford and avetts...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 Days of Lists...Day 3

30 Days of Lists
Day 3

I am looking forward to....

*understanding and embracing what the Lord has for my future
*spring break
*seeing some of the amazing ladies and gents from journey #22 tomorrow night
*part 2 of harry potter
* avett brothers concert- april 9th
*traveling to south africa this summer
*being a wife and a mother one day
*truly grasping how much God loves me
*spring time
*flip flop weather
*celebrating matt and michelle's wedding in may
* spending time with friends near and far
* surrender
* the future
* using my camera...not on the auto setting
* the first veggies from the garden
* getting real mail in the mail slot
* watching all the seasons of the office

happy thursday friends! yay for friday!

much love

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Days of Lists...Day 2

day 2: things i am good at

like yesterday, this is a difficult topic for me. i am actually struggling right now with being able to really see the things i am good at. here is what i came up with....

things i am good at:
- eating
- teaching
- having my camera in my never know when you will need a picture
- being indecisive
- making a mess
- playing the drums...rock band style
- sleeping
- watching tv marathons...think ANTM
- making people feel special, loved and important
- throwing a pretty rockin' party, gathering, shower, celebration
- wasting time on facebook
- not knowing when to shut up
- remembering song lyrics
- being stubborn

see you tomorrow...excited for what day 3 will bring!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in the Blogging World...30 days of Lists

It has been on my heart a lot lately to get back into the blogging habit. My heart is full of things I want to say, but most days I have no idea how to put it into words. So, I thought by joining up with the 30 Days of Lists blog, I could ease back into sharing my heart and thoughts with you on my blog. I would also love if some of you might join up as well...I'm just sayin'!


When I saw the topic for the Day 1 list, I thought it would be an easy start. A few things about hard could that be? But as I tried to get my thoughts down on paper (I am keeping a paper journal of these lists as well) I could not think of anything to write. Maybe I am the only one who has this problem? I think it all boils down to this simple truth, I am not really all that happy with who I am. Now, before you leave me comment after comment on how wonderful I am (kidding here friends), I know this is something that the Lord is working on in my heart even now. I am open to really starting to love and accept the Brooke the Lord created. So here is my list for day 1...

A few things about me...

lover of God, my family and friends
daughter, sister, granddaughter, god mother, cousin, niece
blessed with an amazing group of friends both near and far
teacher to some pretty inspiring kids
love to travel, take pictures, collect cute paper products, drink diet coke
left part of my heart in Johannesburg, South Africa
spontaneous good and bad ways
a work in progress

happy tuesday friends!

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