Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 day of My Favorite Things : Day 14 Words

Honestly, I was going to take today off.  Nothing came to mind to share, nothing feels like my favorite tonight.  And then I thought back to my day, and realized that my day was full of some of my favorite things!

Let me set the stage for you...

This morning, my alarm didn't go off.  Well, it probably did go off at the dreaded 5:20 hour but someone, turned the thing off.   This meant that when I finally did wake up, it was 6:45, you know the time when I should be leaving for work, not just getting in the shower.  I quickly emailed my principal and took the world's fastest shower, dried my hair, got dressed and still managed to get to school right before car duty started.  And no mom, I wasn't speeding!

But this just started my day off in a scattered and frazzled way.  I felt like I was 10 steps behind all day, just couldn't get in the groove of the day.  I got a phone call at work that was a little shocking and it sent my day into a place of anxiety and stress.  Yeah, it was just one of those days.

Then steps in one of my favorite things:

* a sweet kindergartner in one of my groups sees me in the hall and runs up to me and says, Ms. Simpson you are my favorite!

* after sharing the stresses of the day with one of my besties, she sends me this reminder..

* and after sharing those exact same stresses with another friend, she quickly sends me a text letting me know that her and her girls are praying for me

* a friend sends a text that just simply says she missed seeing me today

The list could go on and on but as I sat here tonight thinking, I don't really have any favorites, I was reminded that I do.  Words of encouragement will always be something that will be my favorite.  They are like breathing to me.  They are necessary for me to feel cared for, needed and wanted.  I gain my energy from people sharing them with me.  I know it might sound corny, and it probably is, but they really are one of my very favorite things.  

As I was thinking back on all the words I heard today that encouraged my heart, I wondered did I do the same for someone else? Many times I am selfish with my words, I expect people to encourage me but I don't share that same gift with others.  So my goal now is this, to be more generous with my words.  To share what people mean to me, to encourage them in times that might feel stressful and to be intentional about bringing a smile to someone's face. 

Have you encouraged someone with your words lately?  It might just be their favorite thing too!


  1. So, I didn't see you at all today until you were leaving. I watched you as you walked to your car in your precious bright shoes... Taking you home after a day of difficulty ...after a day of joy. You always encourage me... Your words, your smile, your shoes. You are a beautiful creation of God, and I am so grateful to be counted as a friend. Blessings abound. You are one to me.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart about encouraging words. I want to be less focused on myself and more encouraging to others. Thank you for sharing this important reminder.

  3. We all need to give more of ourselves. Things never get better until we all give.

  4. Encouraging words are a blessing. I need to remind myself to say them and not just think them.

  5. love this post & you blog! Great reminder for us all.

  6. Thank you for reminding us how powerful encouragement is, how much it can do for others. Simple gestures have powerful results.
    Loved this post.

  7. Beautiful post!! And a great way to look at favorites. This month, as I've focused on Philippians 4:8, I've definitely noticed my perspective changing... but it has a long way to go. Thanks for reminding me that in a sea of negativity, one small word can keep us afloat!

  8. It's amazing how the blessings start pouring down when we begin to look for them!


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