Monday, October 20, 2014

31 days of My Favorite things: Day 16 On Broadway

There are many times throughout the day that I feel like my life could be a musical, I can totally picture my colleagues breaking out in song while walking down the hall at school and I can picture the students dancing in the background of their classrooms.

One of my friends even wrote a musical for me when I was leaving for Africa for the 2nd time.  It was called Africa Day and I am confident it could have been in the running for a Tony.  It had the one hit song, the powerful characters and the happy ending!  Yep, my life could easily be a musical.

I also love watching musicals.  I have always been fascinated with New York City and more specifically Broadway.  Anytime I visit the Big Apple, I must see a show and I will see just about any show if a touring company comes through town.  Maybe it is because I took dance for so many years growing up or because I have this weird obsession with music, but I love the combination of the two on the stage.

Here are my top three favorite musicals, there are so many more that could be included in this list, but I will stick to my top 3.

1.  Wicked

10 is approximately the number of time I have seen this show, and I always tell myself, the first time it doesn't bring me to tears I will stop going.  And friends, I cry every time.  It's funny to think about the first time I went to see this musical.  I had no idea what it was about really, my friends had just been talking about it a lot.  So, when I saw it was traveling through a nearby city, I thought it would make the perfect Christmas gift for myself and 3 of my besties.  And I fell in love from the moment it began.  The soundtrack is amazing, the story is captivating and the performances have never disappointed.  If you go see one musical in your life this is the one I would choose for you.  My one wish is to see the original cast on Broadway one day...fingers crossed!

2.  The Lion King

Within in the first 5 minutes of this show starting I was a mess.  It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  The performers are graceful, the sets are breathtaking and the costumes are amazing.  The music is powerful and the two times I have seen this show have left me wanting more!  If you love the movie, the musical will knock your socks off.  Run to see this show, trust me on this one!

3.  Legally Blonde

Probably not a conventional choice for a top three musical, as I am pretty confident this musical was only on Broadway for one season.  But friends,  it is awesome!  Some friends surprised me with tickets to see this show on my birthday while in NYC and I was so excited.  The show did not disappoint.   The songs are catchy, the characters true to those in the movie and the cast did an awesome job!  Oh my god you guys, go see it if you get the chance!

What are your favorite musicals?  


  1. I'm still a die hard lover of West Side Story. I think it will always be my favorite classic, but I'm excited to hear more about newer ones too!


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