Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days of My Favorite Things: Day 9 73 questions

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, I was off for a little getaway with some girlfriends to celebrate a friend's birthday!  We spent the weekend at the beach and I didn't take my laptop.  So I will make up for my 31 day posts tonight and get back on track!

I really love learning about celebrities.  I find it fascinating to hear about their lives, see their homes and get little glimpses into what everyday life might be like for them.  You know what they eat for dinner, how they decorate for the holidays, what their kids do at home for fun.  I am pretty confident that Jennifer Gardner, Kerry Washington and many others really want to be some of my best friends!

So I was so excited to come across this little video series from Vogue called 73 questions.  Basically Vogue visits a celebrity in their home and asks them 73 questions to see what they like and don't like.  It's an amped up version of 20 questions for celebs.  And it has quickly become one of my favorite things.  I watched this Sarah Jessica Parker episode first and fell in love.

Don't you just want to sit in that NYC home and have a cup of coffee with her.  I love how she describes New York and would die for those globes she has displayed!

And then this one with Daniel Radcliffe, I am in love!

Most refreshing drink:  Diet Coke, yep we were made to be friends!  :)

Check out the Vogue page for more videos from some pretty cool celebrities and let me know what you think!

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