Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days of my Favorite Things: ; Day 10 I've Got an App for that

This weekend I took the plunge and updated the iPhone, it took forever and I had to pretty much delete all my apps and download them all again once the update was finished.  When I was downloading apps again onto my phone, I got to thinking about some of my favorites.  I really never thought I would be this attached to my iPhone, but I am not ashamed, I really couldn't live without it.  So here are some of my all time favorite apps!

1.  Instagram

Pictures have always been one of my favorite things and Instagram has quickly become my all time favorite app.  I love being able to modify pictures quickly and easily.  But more than that I love being able to follow my friends and others and get little glimpses into their lives.  From cutie pictures of my friends kids, to food they are eating and everything in between, Instagram is the best way I have to be in the everyday moments of my friends lives.  If you aren't following me on Insta, find me at jbsimpson1! 

2.  TimeHop

Coming in at a very close 2nd is TimeHop.  

Everyday I get a little reminder of what I was doing a year ago or maybe even five years ago, through the TimeHop app.  I love that it shows you what pictures you posted, what your facebook status was and what you might have posted to twitter.  Such a fun way to remember some of my favorite memories and to share those with my friends.  Sharing is easy through the app and you can send email or text to share those memories with others!  Love it!

3.  A Beautiful Mess

This is another photo app that allows you to add text, borders, doodles and all kinds of other fun things!  I love how easy it is and that it can spice up any photo!  I also use it to make some text only images to post various places!  I highly recommend it! 

4.  She Reads Truth

I have loved this website for a while and was so excited when the girls at She Reads Truth were able to use kickstarter to fund an app.  I love the study and how it applies to me right where I am.  This app is a great way to be in the word and stay encouraged.

5.  Buzzfeed

No explanation needed, right?  Makes me laugh til I cry and brings a smile to my face!  Love it!

So friends, what are your favorite apps?  Please leave lots in the comments, I am always looking for fun new things to add to my phone!  

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  1. I am still in the dark ages and don't have a smartphone yet. But, I'm getting one soon. I'll have to check all of these out!



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