Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day of 9

favorite blogs/websites

- facebook: i know sad but true. i definitely remember when i first heard of facebook. i was so upset because i could not have an account, do you remember sarai? and now, well...i sure do love it!

- gmail

- newton conover city schools- not sure it is my favorite, but one i sure do visit bunches

- amazon- i heart amazon!

- etsy

- a holy experience

- blogs, there are so many that i could list- annieblogs, teammartins, saraig, and many other friends, people i would like to be my friends, crafty blogs, the list goes on and on

- picnik

- failblog, cake wrecks, failbook- hahah :)

- reality steve- i do love a good reality show spoiler blog

what are your favorite websites? would love to hear!

have a great week!

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