Thursday, October 3, 2013

day 3 ::: throw back Thursday

That is 7th grade Brooke. Naive, self conscious, funny 7th grade Brooke. This Brooke didn't know the real feeling of heartbreak or the devastating sting of loss. But what she did know was how to be a people pleaser, to follow the crowd, to use her words to hurt others to make herself feel better. Because her opinion of herself was so negative, she felt like she needed others to feel that way too. 

Oh 7th grade Brooke, if only I could go back and tell you to hold your head high because you had so much to offer your little piece of the world. I wish I could tell you to choose words that encouraged people not tore them down. I would tell you that your worth is so much more than what the popular girl or that crush says about you. I would tell you to not ignore your dad when he embarrassed you but instead spend those moments embracing him. So many life lessons I would teach you...

I hope 35 year old Brooke is listening too...

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  1. I don't believe any seventh graders have the insight you have now. I always prayed that my seventh graders would one day see themselves in new and wonderful ways. I enjoy your blog.


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