Wednesday, October 16, 2013

day 16 :: in love with october

I am about to say something that might send some of you into a frenzy.  I have not always loved the season of Fall.  Growing up in the mountains, I guess I took for granted the beauty and splendor of this season.  Don't get me wrong, I love the leaves changing colors and always thought they were beautiful.  But the added tourists, the crazy drivers, the long lines at anything in town kinda led me to dread fall.

But this year, I have totally changed my tune.  I am in love with the beginning of this fall season.  The weather has been perfect for evening visits with friends at the local wine shop.  The leaves are changing into the most beautiful colors.  This fall has brought on 2 things I honestly never thought I would do, ride 17 miles on a bike and participate in a 5K.  New pumpkin recipes, new jobs, new adventures.  Yes, I am truly thankful for this season of change.

And maybe that is because this has been a season of change for me.  Changes in job, which has led to new friends and new challenges.  Changes in relationships, some hard, really hard, but have led to self reflection.  Changes going on in my heart, tough stuff, but necessary.

I am thankful for what this October has brought about in my life.  What has changed for you this fall?

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  1. Love when you write, friend! And that quote by Anne.:) Holding on to the One who never changes through this life that always does...with you!


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