Saturday, October 19, 2013

day 19 :: color run

So as I mentioned yesterday, today I "wogged" (my made up word for jogging and walking) my first 5K.

My sweet friend Kristi, gifted me this 5K for my 35th birthday.  She was so creative in giving me this gift...

I was excited from the beginning!  But then the race started getting closer and my crazy self started thinking crazy thoughts.  What if I finish very last?  What if I can't do it and have to give up?  What if I pass out on the course?  Fall?  The thoughts were endless.

This morning we packed up and headed out and from the moment we stepped on the course at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I knew it was going to be great.  Kristi was such a great motivator and never once made me feel like I was holding her back.  She was encouraging and so supportive.  I can't imagine doing my first 5K with anyone else!

The event was great.  There were a couple of times I was a little afraid, I might not make it.  But I was able to run through the finish line.  On the way home, Kristi was sharing with me a little bit about what the Lord had been teaching her and the word perseverance was one that He kept reminding her of.  As she shared this with me, I knew that was one He had been speaking to my heart as well.  Not just in this physical race I did today, but in life in general.  Everything in life is a process.  Sometimes that process is easy and you can breeze right through.  And other times, you feel like you can't go any further.  This is when you push through and find you are able to do things you never thought you could do.  I certainly learned this today!

Keep on keeping on my friends...

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  1. My favorite part of this is a new attitude that comes singing through every time you said the words "my FIRST 5K". I can't wait to hear about the next one! :)


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