Saturday, October 19, 2013

day 18 :: five thoughts for Friday

In all honesty, I'm in bed typing this post on my phone. I'm such a party girl tonight. So I thought I would just share 5 thoughts with you this evening...

1. This week has been a week of firsts for me. Today I gave blood for the first time at a blood drive at my school. It was sponsored by the PE club. When I was first getting checked in my blood pressure was sky high. The lady asked, are you nervous. Umm...yes! But I survived. 
And tomorrow I am participating in my first 5K. One of my best friend Kristi and I decided to give each other experiences for our birthdays from now on. I have her NKOTB tickets and she gave me. 5K. I love it because there are 3 miles in a 5K and I turned 35 this year :). Let's just hope I survive. 

2.  This week I got several encouraging emails from some of the teachers I work with. Words of encouragement is certainly one of my love languages so this just really made my week. Be sure to tell the people around you that you appreciate them. 

3. Candy corn and peanuts. Need I say more. Friends, if you haven't had this fall treat, drop what you are doing go to target now! Don't buy the premixed bag, mix it up yourself. You won't regret it. :)

4.  The Avett Brothers released a new album this week. They release albums so frequently. I love it. And this album is great. You should check it out. 

5.  I really do have a fear that I am going to be the last person to cross that finish line tomorrow. Eek!!

So there are my random thoughts for Friday! Have a great weekend friends! :) 

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