Thursday, March 26, 2015

thoughts on thursday

It't that time of the week to share some Thursday Thoughts and to link up with Meagan over at Beautiful Things!

I think...

* being sick is for the birds.  And I will totally admit I am a big ole baby when I am sick.  I want my mom to come to my house, put sheets on the couch, bring me food and baby me.  This head cold, sinus stuff has taken over this week and I am feeling pretty yucky!

* nothing beats a handwritten note from a kid.  The misspellings, the smiley faces, the messy handwriting...sure brings a smile to my face!

* getting an Easter Basket as an adult is way better than getting one as a kid.  Hope the Easter Bunny reads my blog or checks out my Wish List pinterest board for some ideas! :)

* people should extend more grace and less judgement.  This week my heart was broken by the way people treat other people, especially on the social media.  There is no question that we all mess up, I sure do all the time, but I don't want people blasting my mess ups all over the internet.  Shouldn't we be encouraging, praying for and being compassionate instead?  We truly never know the deep hurts people are dealing with, the emptiness they feel, the darkness they live each day.  So this week, I am trying to love people more. Sorry for that soapbox.

* I am already looking forward to Easter dinner at my grandmothers house.  I can't wait for broccoli salad, deviled eggs, ham...yummo!  What are your favorite Easter recipes?

* I am excited to celebrate 4, yes 4 birthdays this weekend!  Three of my best friends have birthdays this week and my sweet Mamaw turns 88 on Saturday!  Bring on the celebrations and birthday cake! :)

* my friends are some of the greatest people on the earth.  I watch them love selflessly, give til it hurts, care for people well, and I just feel blessed.

* Dave Barnes is amazing.  That is all!

* this quote from the movie We Bought a Zoo is one of my absolute favorites..."You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.  Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery.  And I promise, something great will come of it!"  So be brave people....


  1. Okay you have convinced me I need to see We Bought A Zoo.

    ALSO amen for the extending more grace thought...something that is SO simple..yet a challenge for people.

    Hope the easter bunny brings you all your pinned goodies!!!

    1. Isn't that quote great? I hope that the Easter bunny gets the hint too :) thanks for stopping in my little corner of the world :)


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