Wednesday, March 25, 2015

it's beginning to look a lot like...Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite times of year!  Yay for spring, sunshine, Easter baskets, flip flops and so much more!  I love being able to decorate my house for this season!  This year I went a little crazy with the spanish moss and the eggs, but can you really ever have too much of those things?  :)  

Here is a little tour of my house at Easter!  I apologize for the not great quality of the pictures!  But enjoy friends!  

This is my sunroom which really is one of my favorite rooms in my house!  It is perfect for Saturday morning coffee or a rainy day afternoon nap.  I kept it a little simple in here this year.  Just a vase with some spanish moss and eggs.  I picked up that sweet little blue bunny from Michael's for less than $5 to add to the decor.  I love using old windows around my house too!

I don't sit at the dining room table often, since it is just me, but I added a purple dish with you guessed it, spanish moss and eggs.  Very simple but festive!  

On the other side of my dining room is one of my very favorite pieces of furniture!  This piece was refinished by my dear friend Liz and it adds the perfect touch to my dining room.  I am in love with that green moss bunny I picked up at Home Goods!

I added a little bunny and some more eggs to my table in the hallway under my Instagram wall.  Don't you love this table?  I found it at Hobby Lobby for cheap!  

Most of my Easter decor is in the living room on the mantle!  I really do love my mantle.  Are you sensing a trend here?  I love my house!  :)  

Every good Easter decorator knows that jelly beans are an essential to this season, so I had to include them around my house!  

How do you decorate for Easter?  What are some your favorite ways to add some spring to your house?  

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  1. Love it!!! So cute!! I just bought that book "home is where my people are!!"


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