Monday, March 30, 2015


Happy Monday friends!  This weekend was packed, but packed with all good things!  Over the course of the weekend, I attended three birthday celebrations, including 2 for some of my best friends and 1 for my sweet Mamaw!  I ate lots of good food, watched Duke pull out the win to head to the final four, saw the movie Home with some of my favorite people, and did lots of laughing and smiling!  This weekend was definitely one of those that causes your heart to swell!  And this is a short week here at the school house because spring break is on it's way!  Woohoo!

I thought it might be kinda fun to do a currently post today to get this week started!  Tomorrow I am going to share my goals for April, so be sure to stop back in to see what I want to accomplish in April! 


Well, I just bought a new book, that I am pretty excited to start this week.  Some friends and I read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, and I loved it!  So when I saw one of her other books was on sale for 2.99 for the Kindle, I decided to pick it up!  My next read will be Three Wishes.  I am excited to read another one of her books.  It was an easy read and so good!  Anyone read it?  

I have also been trying to get through Gone Girl, and I don't know what it is, but I just can't finish it.  Part of it might be that I saw the movie before I read the book, which I rarely do.  So I know a lot of the twists and turns.  It just isn't holding my attention.   What new books have you read recently?  I would love some more suggestions!

My sweet, funny, hip-hop loving mom got me hooked on Empire.  I just had time to catch up on the season finale.  Cookie is no joke and Lucious...he is something else as well!  Kinda can't wait for that one to start back up in the fall!

Scandal is getting back to being Scandal again which makes me happy.  This last episode reminded me why I am Team Fitz!  That ring, that music, sweet baby.  Yeah, I know it is wrong, but I do love those two together!  

And even though it is a kids movie, if you haven't gone to see Home, I would highly recommend it.  I laughed so much at this movie and the voices for the characters were perfect!  And the story is great!  

This weekend after a breakfast birthday celebration, I went to get my nails done with some friends.  I wasn't going to go, but they twisted my arm and I went.  I decided to get a mani and try the gel nails.  And I am in love!  They look great, and I think they will last forever!  I went for a light pink color which is perfect for spring and will hopefully match whatever I decide to throw together for an Easter outfit!  I think I might be hooked!

 I know I am late to this party, but I am loving the Moscow Mule these days!  Saturday evening I ordered one while we were out to dinner celebrating with my grandmother and she stole it from me!  It was pretty tasty!  I fell in love with ginger beer this summer in South Africa so add that to this fun cocktail and it is an instant winner!  

Thankful this week for my sweet family!  I know I talk about them a lot here but really they are the best.  We might be small in numbers but we sure do love each other.  It was such a treat to be all together this weekend to celebrate with Mamaw ! 

Spring break is almost here and I am thrilled to have two sweet friends come and visit me in NC over break!  I met Allison and Nicole when I was in South Africa about 3 years ago and we really hit it off!  Nicole has stayed in South Africa and is currently home for holiday and Allison is in CA.  I went to visit Allison last May and since then have been trying to get her to NC, so when she decided to come over spring break and it just so happened that Nicole was home too, well, it was perfect!  So they will be here on Easter Sunday and I am planning lots of fun things for us to do! 

I can't wait to take them to Asheville to hang out with Beth too!  I don't want to give too much of our fun away but one thing I am so excited to share with them is the LaZoom Comedy Tour around Asheville!  I have done this 3 times before and I laugh so much each time!  I know they will love getting to know my hometown in this fun way!  I think we will visit the winery at Biltmore as well, probably the Chocolate lounge and who knows what else! 

There is what I am up to {currently} up to these days!  What's new with you?  Hope this week is full of nothing but good things for you friends!  

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