Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday thoughts

Excited to be linking up with Maegan again at Beautiful Things for some Thursday thoughts...

I think....

* snow days are so much sweeter as a teacher. We have been in a winter wonderland in NC and this week I have only worked one full day! Can't complain! 

* since my town is covered in ice, it was a perfect time for a girls getaway to sunny Florida. Exited to be here with a sweet friend for some Disney fun, a Luke Bryan show and some sunshine! 

* Easter candy is the the best candy season of the year.  Bring on the starburst jelly beans, Reese eggs, Cadbury eggs....maybe I should give up candy for lent! 

* targets in other towns are always so much better than mine! 

* Lent is such a great time to really press into The Lord and spend some time refocusing and reflecting. My heart is in desperate need of that! 

* my little blog needs a makeover

Have a great rest of the week friends! 

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