Thursday, February 12, 2015

thursday thoughts

I am excited to link up with Meagan over at Beautiful Things for some  random Thursday Thoughts.

I think...

* while I am super excited to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, I have always loved celebrating my half birthday on that day!  So it might have to become a dual holiday for me! :)

* Olivia Pope is no joke.  While I am fully aware she is a character on a television show, this gal is bad A.  Even with funky hair and the same outfit for multiple days, she is in charge!   I'm trying hard not to already be in mourning about the summer hiatus.  Might be time to rewatch the whole series.

* Picking out Valentine's Day cards is stressful!  That is all I am going to say!

* I am way excited about heading out on a little Girls Trip next weekend!  I love how those trips planned months ago are coming at just the perfect time!

* last year on this day we were having the Snowpocalypse of 2014 and I wish that could happen in 2015.  This tired teacher needs a legit snow day! 

* Frozen thin mint girl scout cookies are a little piece of heaven.  And because they are in the freezer, I don't eat as many.  Or at least that is what I am telling myself!

* Love is all you need!

Have a great Thursday friends! 


  1. Thank you so much for linking up!! I agree about Olivia Pope...she is INSANE in a absolutely fabulous way. Totally the best part of Thursday nights. Have the best time celebrating your half birthday & valentines day :) extra the fun!!

  2. OMG I am right there with you with the snow apocalypse! I work for the school system too, and I've been dying for a day off! Love this post! :)

  3. Thanks ladies for the encouragement! I am trying to figure out how to reply directly to your comments, but of course can't figure it out!


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