Friday, February 27, 2015

five friday favorites: etsy edition

Happy Friday Friends!  It's been a snow day filled week!  We went to school 2 days this week and as mentioned in yesterday's post, I am hoping that doesn't mean we are saying goodbye to spring break.  

Linking up today with lots of fabulous gals for some Friday Favorites!  Check out April and Christina  for 5 on Friday.  Head over to Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites.  And for oh hey Friday check out September Farm and the Farmer's Wife

Since we have had so many snow days this week, I have been able to spend some quality time on the couch and have found myself browsing on Etsy.  Today I am going to share some of my Etsy favorites!  I would love to hear yours too so include them in the comments!  

No question, I love NC and I am kinda obsessed with this North Carolina trucker hat on Etsy.  Wish I had it to wear today for my teacher workday.  

One of my loves is dishes.  Yep, dishes.  Plates, platters, bowls.  This might stem from the fact that my grandparents have a jewelry store that also does bridal registry so I have been surrounded with beautiful china patterns all my life.  I especially love vintage things and love this vintage pyrex bowl I found on Etsy.  And friends, it is affordable at only $16.  This might need to find it's way to my house sooner than later!

All these snow days have me wishing for summer and warmer weather!  These croakies would make a perfect addition to a summer outfit!  

I have been looking for a simple necklace to be able to throw on with a tshirt or dress.  I love this rose gold bar necklace.  And love it's price as well!

This.  Trying to remember this each and everyday and think this printable would look great in my living room. 

What are you loving on Etsy these days?  

Have a great weekend friends!  


  1. I love that printable! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love the rose gold necklace! I have been looking for something small that has my sons initial on it to get for Mother's Day, I wonder if those can be personalized?


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