Friday, February 13, 2015

five favorites on friday

So excited to be linking up with lots of lovely ladies today!  Linking up with Five on Friday with April and Christina, Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea and new this week with Oh, Hey Friday with The Farmers Wife and September Farm.  Can't wait to check out this links and find some new blogs to read!  And so excited to have some new readers as well!

Well it seems only appropriate to devote this edition of Friday goodness to Love!  So here are a few things I love and am loving this Valentine's season! 

Such truth friends, I can't love people on my own, I can only love because He loved me first!  So thankful for this unconditional love!  What a gift!

This Valentine's Day will be a little different and I am so excited to be staying in and cooking a home cooked dinner!  This is the recipe that has been decided upon, let's just hope I don't screw this one up.  I love pasta and I love vodka let's hope for a successful Valentine's dinner! :)

It's no secret this girl loves some fresh flowers.  I found a great bouquet at my local grocery store and added them to some mason jars around the house.  Nothing makes me happier than flowers in mason jars!  Of course I didn't take a picture of them, but they really do brighten up my little cottage!

A few years ago I was introduced to the handmade jewelry by The Vintage Pearl.  And it was love at first sight friends.  I have several of their pieces and love mixing it with some of my other pieces!  I even introduced my grandmother to the jewelry and they put in the line in their little jewelry store!  One of my very favorite pieces is this initial spoon necklace!  I am a sucker for a monogrammed piece of jewelry and this really is one of my faves!  Check out their website, I can't imagine you won't find something you will fall in love with!

Last night I was able to travel to my cousins' house to spend some time with my family.  And friends, as I was sitting around the table laughing and talking with my family, my heart was just filled up!  I have been so blessed with the greatest family.  We certainly aren't perfect, far from it, but we love each other.  It's such a great feeling to be loved and cared for and I know these people do just that!  So today I am just thankful!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend full of love and all things sweet!  

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