Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Just thought I would give you all a little glimpse into what has been going on in my neck of the woods...

Here is what is going on Currently...

Speak Love by Annie Downs

I have followed Annie's blog for a long time and really was convinced that we were supposed to be the greatest of friends.  I am actually still pretty convinced about that.  I love her life, she is hilarious and she speaks the truth!  This February, I am thrilled to have the chance to speak on why words matter a woman's event that my friend Breeze is hosting with her ministry She Dreams.  This book is perfect for this topic  As women, we rarely stop to think how much our words really do impact those around us.  So far, I am loving this read and am excited to share some of it with the ladies I will be speaking to in February!

Well, like so many others, I was counting down the days til my Thursday night friends came back from Winter Break.  You know, Derek and Meredith and Olivia, Jake and Fitz.  I couldn't wait for my Thursday night ritual to begin again.  But, friends, I was disappointed in the Thursday night lineup.  Of course I will keep watching Grey's and Scandal but these first shows back were not my favorite.  Must mean they have amazing episodes to come...right?!?
I am also really loving the Blacklist right now.  My little brother got me hooked on this one and I love the twists and turns of the show.
And Parenthood, I am not sure I am in a place to talk about that one yet.  Gosh, I am so sad that the Bravermans will not be my friends each week.  And that finale, talk about a blubbering mess.  Did anyone else watch?

Disclaimer:  This is not my actual closet!  :)  For those of you that have been to my house, you know my closet is actually tiny and most of my closet ends up on the floor!  But a girl can dream! :)

I am currently loving this scarf from the Noonday Collection.  I really can't get enough of it and it goes with everything!  I am so excited about their spring line coming out in a couple of weeks.  My new samples came in and it has been like Christmas!  Anyone want to host a trunk show? :)

I love comfy slippers and I had heard the girls over at Momfessionals and Mix and Match Mama talk about these  Minnetonka slippers several times so I took a risk and ordered some and friends...they are amazing!  I wear them all the time when I am home.  Seriously so comfy!

My word for the year is PRESENT, so I am working on being more present each day and I am finding it is more difficult that I thought it would be.  But, there have been little victories, like ignoring my cell phone when it is dinging continuously.  Being more available to friends and family.  Taking some risks in relationships.  As this month continues, I want to push myself more in being present.

Also working on some fun things for the blog in the coming weeks.  I hope you will check back and participate.  Oh and share with your friends.   I am pretty excited about something coming up!

So what have you been up to Currently?


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