Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wise Words Wednesday: Fear Not!

Lately I have really been battling with fear.  Not like the kind of fear I have for opossums, but the kind of fear that will cause your heart to skip a beat, make you sick to your stomach, want to cry kinda fear.  If I were to tell you the things that have brought on some of these crippling feelings  you might not think they deserve the kind of reaction they have gotten.  And you are probably right.  I tend to fear the things I honestly have no control over.  Things like people's reactions to me, situations I can't fix, irrational things.  But I do know there are some things that I have a healthy fear of, and I think that is an ok thing.  My goal is to really stop thinking about the things that might go wrong, how people might perceive me, how foolish I might look, and focus on the journey, the dreams, the hopes.  I can only imagine that will be a much more productive way to look at things!  

Here are some wise words about fear...

This one really spoke to me this week.  I know the dreams I have in my heart are put there for a reason, it is time to pursue them, without fear!

What a question!  What would I do?  What would my life look like?  

I love this promise from scripture.  Yes friends, perfect love does cast out fear!

I hope you will start living in that truth!  Have a great week friends!

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