Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday!  This weekend is packed full of some fun celebrations and I am pretty excited! Kicking things off tonight with a Girls Night with some of my favorites, tomorrow celebrating one of my best friends birthdays and Sunday celebrating with one of my favorite three year olds!  Bring on the fun!

Linking up today with the Five on Friday gals!

{O N E}

Last weekend my mom came to visit. I really do love my time with my mom.  As cliche as it sounds she really is my best friend.  I am not sure what I would do without her.  On Saturday evening, we headed out to dinner with some of my other best friends to catch up and celebrate cute little Tali and her new glasses.  We all decided to wear glasses to help Tali feel more comfortable, even Brookie wore her "glasses"  So much fun!  I love these people!

{T W O}

I had the privilege of teaching a class at a local university last semester to a great bunch of senior education majors.  They are all in the midst of their student teaching and were not able to take their college spring break since they are on public school system calendar now.  So to help them start spring break right, I had them over for so ice cream sundaes!  It was such a fun time of laughing and catching up with them on how teaching is going.  I am so thankful for the chance to get to know them.  Wish I had taken more pictures!  

{T H R E E}

I am having a group of gals over tonight for a Girls Night Game night and I am pretty excited!  Every time we get together it is so fun.  Lots of laughter, good food and wine, of course!  I can't wait to catch up with some of my favorites.  Pretty sure we will have to play the Game of Things...have you played?  So much fun.  I need to fix an appetizer for tonight...any good suggestions?

{F O U R}

I am currently reading Divergent and am loving it.  Have you read the series?  I have heard mixed reviews about the last book, in face some of my friends have told me that they didn't want to see the movies because of the the 3rd book.  Are you planning on going to see the movie?  I will probably wait til I finish the book!  Looks like it could be a great movie!

{F I V E}

Have you ever met someone and you just know you should have been friends forever?  That is really how I feel about my friend Windy.  We have some mutual friends and have probably been stalking each other on Facebook for a few years now.  When I changed jobs this year, one of the many perks was getting to work closely with her!  And man, I am so glad!  We have the most fun together when she is at my school, lots and lots of laughter.  We compare crazy car stories, in fact she created Broken Down Car Bingo for us.  So funny!  Well last night we were able to go out for a little Girls Night and we had so much fun!  I am beyond thankful for this fun, spunky friend!

Have a great weekend friends!  Cheers!

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  1. Hello from the link up! Hooray for game nights & good friends! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend, girl! (:


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