Monday, March 17, 2014

Clean Out

My mom loves the show Clean House.  Not sure if it is on anymore,  but yet again Netflix saves the day as many of the seasons can be streamed.  When my mom comes to visit she loves to get her Niecy Nash fix and binge watch some Clean House.

I secretly think she is trying to send me a message when she watches the show.  We all know I am not the most tidy person in the world, my house is not nasty but it has lots of treasures...everywhere!  A few weeks ago, I made plans with some friends for them to come for a weekend visit.  nothing gets me more excited than company!  One of my friends who is coming,  Alisha has never been visited my precious little house before.  While my couches are very comfy, I wanted her to be able to have the real guest experience, so I decided that I MUST clean out my guest room.  This is a big deal, as my guest room door has probably been closed for the last 5 years.  I only open it to throw something else in to be hidden.

I knew I could not do this task on my own, so who better to enlist for help than my own person Niecy Nash, my momma!  And y'all she jumped at the chance to help with this adventure!  I am talking took days off of work and everything to clean out this room.

Normally I have a hard time parting with my things, yes I know they are just things.  And as my mom reminded me over and over this weekend, I have the memories in my heart but sometimes you just need the tangible reminder.  But I have to say, mom really put her Clean House skills to work because this girl got that room clean!  2 truck loads of treasures to Goodwill later and I can officially say my guest room door is open!  Is it perfect yet, nope.  But is it almost there, you bet!

As I thought about all those things I got rid of from my spare room, I wondered about all the other things I needed to clean out from my life.  Maybe not physical things but things that are cluttering up my head space and keeping me from opening the door to new and exciting adventures, to happiness, to many other blessings.  I know that my life is cluttered, because of my own doing.  I dwell on an unkind word from a friend or a coworker.  I find myself stuck in the past thinking about mistakes or bad choices and find it impossible to move forward.  I disregard examples of God's love, care and grace for me because I choose negativity over the blessing.  I guess just like my spare room needed a clean out, I need to think about me in that purging as well!

It all points back to that word I picked for word of the year...LESS!  I love how I see it in the everyday tasks and the full trucks pulling out of my driveway!  What do you need to clean out friends?  I know it is still a work in progress for me!

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