Saturday, January 18, 2014

And the Winner Is...

Wow friends...thank you so much for spreading the word about my giveaway!  It was so fun to have new people come and check out the blog!  I am very excited about new followers and blog friends!  

I want to apologize for not getting this post up sooner, but I decided last minute to go spend a day in Asheville with my momma!  And that was a great decision.  

We had a wonderful day full of great food from one of our favorite local places, Sunny Point Cafe.  I mean how delicious does this breakfast sandwich look.  

We did some shopping at some of our favorite places, The Screen Door and TJ Maxx Home goods.   And last minute we decided to go to the movies to see 12 Years a Slave.  I am not sure I took a breath the entire movie and the tears certainly flowed.  I highly recommend this film and can see why it is up for some many awards.  

So since my mom was with me, I decided it would be great for her to pick the winner of the blog giveaway.  

I wrote all the names and put them in this cute bag to find a winner!  Here is Suz before picking the big winner!  She was super happy to be the one to pick the lucky gal!

And we might or might not have made a pit stop at McDonalds to have this little photo shoot of picking the winner.  I needed some caffeine for the ride home anyway!  :)  

Drum Roll Please....

And the winner is.....

I am so excited for you Beth Collins!  Can't wait to share some of my favorite things with you!  

And again, thank you to all those who entered.  I think I will make this a monthly thing on the blog. What do you all think?  

Have a great rest of the weekend friends!

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  1. Yay!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! I am just home from spending the weekend with my parents.... Decided to see who the lucky winner was.... Happy, happy!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! What fun !


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