Monday, March 16, 2009

The Greatest Place on Earth...

Saturday was rainy, it was gloomy, but my world was a little brighter because I was able to visit one of the greatest places on earth...IKEA! The IKEA just opened about a month ago in Charlotte, and I have been dying to go. I thought for sure that if I let the newness wear off, the crowds would have let up and I could enjoy my trip in peace! So, who better to venture to IKEA with than a fellow IKEA-lover my dear friends, Sarai. We did not get there until about 1:30, and we were fully expecting a parking deck which would have been great since it was pouring rain. Well, no such luck at the Charlotte was an open parking lot with lines a mile long to even get in the parking lot. We ended up having to park across the street on the road. We journeyed across the 3 mile parking lot (ok maybe not 3 miles but it sure felt like it) and made our way into the blue and yellow goodness!
So the top floor of IKEA is set up like little rooms that you can check out, the bottom floor is where the actual shopping gets crazy. The top floor on this particular Saturday was CRAZY. Sarai and I felt at times like we were cattle being led out to pasture. There were people everywhere, if I had never had an IKEA experience I would probably never go back...luckily I know better than to judge my experience by this trip.

The store was super nice and the deals of course were amazing! I was pretty proud of myself that I left with only spending 30.00. Here are a few things I left with...

Some super cute black and white bowls...

A cutlery caddy which I am excited to paint and spruce up a little bit...(which I can't find a picture of)

A couple of cute lanterns that I think will look really cute on my table during a spring gathering...

And my favorite find would be a black and white box, which I already want a million more of to put around my house! Gotta love it!

So all in all a great first trip to the Charlotte IKEA...Sarai even left with Her Majesty! Can't wait to head back soon....


  1. A good time, indeed, my friend. His Majesty looks great in the Living Room...must have been all that extra rain he got on the trip to the car :) Let's go again soon...on a weekday!!

  2. If I didn't love you both so much, I would be in a word...

    JEALOUS! As all get out. But then, that would be five words? :)

    Pretty please can we go when I come to spend the night (in like two weeks, or less, my friend?) Can't wait to see all your steals in person!

    Love you!

  3. LOVEEE ikea too!!! so glad one opened closer to A-VILLE!

    have a great day :)

  4. You got some really cute stuff friend!! I wanna go! (But not on a rainy Saturday with 3,000 other people!)

    Are we doing the Spring Break countdown yet? I would, but the number is still too large! AGH! I don't know that I can wait!!

    Love you friend!


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