Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday...

Once upon a time (before I was a blog slacker), I used to post Things I Love Thursday. I like having some themes to the I have decided to start this one back up. I have to admit I was inspired by my friend Sarai to pick this one back up. Sometimes it becomes really hard to decide what to write about, there are really a ton of things that I love...I guess that means I will have lots of Thursday posts coming!

So this week the thing I love is EASTER...for so many reasons. The child in my absolutely loves to get an Easter basket. I know that I am certainly not a kid anymore, but I kinda get a little sad when the Easter Bunny does not leave a basket of super colorful eggs at my house. I hope he remembers me this year. I love to find Reese Eggs and Jelly Beans in my basket, and occasionally cute stationary or other treats. The Easter Bunny does know what makes me smile!Along with Easter comes the spring holiday that all teachers are live for...SPRING BREAK! This year I am needing this break more than ever. I am excited to spend break this year at the beach with my mom and some dear friends. A week of basking in the sun, reading, laughing, watching good movies and sleep, makes me very happy! Emerald I come!
But most of all this Easter, I love my Risen Savior. I am overwhelmed by the love He showed for me by His sacrifice on the cross...because of His love for me, I am able to love others. I am humbled by the thought that Jesus would even think of me or want to love me. How grateful I am for this. The events of that Easter Sunday give me hope and joy and purpose and for this I am thankful! What better thing could I love! Here is one of my favorite songs right you celebrate this Easter, may you be reminded of this Divine Romance that we are offered...there is no greater love!

So what are you loving this Thursday?

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