Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

My local weatherman hinted at the possibility of snow in my town today and honestly I didn't believe him.  Hickory rarely gets snow and from the looks of all the maps, it was going to miss us and hit all our surrounding neighbors.  I just knew it wasn't going to snow.  Well, I was wrong! 

We got the news of an early dismissal around 10 this morning and we released students at 1:00.  The drive home was a little shaky for this southern gal, but I made it safe and sound.  It has been snowing since 1:00 and it is really pretty! And I just got the call that school is canceled for tomorrow!  Yep, snow days are so much better as a teacher.  I am looking forward to turning off my alarm for tomorrow morning, spending some quality time with Netflix, drinking coffee and soaking up this day off!

My road starting to get covered!

My cute cottage is so pretty in the snow!
Snow is starting to stick!
Someone didn't make a good shoe choice for a snow day!

Find a cozy blanket and stay warm friends!  What are you doing on this snow day?


  1. YAY for snow!!! And for leopard flats in the snow...! ;) LOVE IT! xx

  2. Glad some snow came down your way. Schools up here have had 5 snow days already, which isn't typical... so we are glad to share with you! Enjoy!


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