Friday, May 2, 2008

The sound of silence...

Yep, that is what you have heard from me in blog world for about the last year...SILENCE! Well friends the silence is broken and I am committed to making this blog thing really work. I have found a that I am ready to share my heart, my thoughts, my story and I am sure a bunch of other random things along the way. Over the past several months, I have become quite fascinated with reading blogs, all kinds of blogs...blogs by people I don't know, blogs from my dearest friends, blogs about cooking and is bizarre, but what a blessing to be able to read stories from other people who are surviving on this journey we call life! These stories of courage and strength of mistakes and lessons learned give me encouragement and hope that I can make it too! So please check back often...leave lots of loving comments...and read all about this girl's crazy journey through life! And if I go for a year without posting...YELL AT ME!

More to come...super soon...I promise!


  1. Yay! Someone misses her Auntie Brooke, so this is great (actually four somebodies...) TGIF, and we love you!

  2. Welcome back, Brooke! We look forward to your updates. Much love from the 3 of us!

  3. WOOHOO!! You're back! Thanks for giving me another way to stalk you :)

    Love you lots!!!


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