Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...

As I drove around town today, thankful for a day off of school after a very stressful week last week, I was reminded by the American flags and red, white and blue everywhere exactly what this day is all about. Earlier this year, I lost one of the most heroic men I have ever Pa Simpson. He served in World War II and was captured by enemy troops and was a prisoner of war for months on end. During this time, my grandmother waited faithfully for her husband to come home or to at least get some message that he was ok. She even gave birth to their first son, my uncle Bill while Pa was tortured in the Prisoner of War camps. He did make it home and continued to be as much of a hero in real life as he was in the war. He was a dedicated father and husband, and always was ready to give a helping hand when needed. So today, I remember my Pa Simpson as a man who deserves to be remembered as a dedicated hero in my life and in the lives of so many others!

I love you Pa and miss you everyday...Your memory lives on!

This weekend I was able to spend time with family as we celebrated the marriage of my cousin Josh to his wonderful new wife, Ginny. Welcome to the family Ginny!
Here is the happy couple at the reception...

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My Uncle Joe and Aunt Reba looked smashing in their wedding attire and I know they were super tired after a long day of celebrating! But they did stop long enough to have a picture with their favorite niece!

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Gran looked stunning in her dress and was so happy to share this day with Josh and family. She even told me she looked "sexy"! As I watched her walk down the aisle, without her cane or walker, tears welled up in my eyes, as I know she would have loved to have walked down that aisle with Pa by her side! What a pillar of strength she is!

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Even Mamaw and Mom were there to share in the fun! Can't deny they are related!

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Even though Papaw was not feeling up to the wedding, I did make him peel his eyes away from his Western Movies to pose for a picture with me!

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  1. Speaking of "sexy"... you go friend, you are looking BEAUTIFUL! So good to see all your family; what a fun Memorial Day weekend! Is it summer yet?! Time for a visit?!


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