Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When someone else's words provide encouragement...

I have always loved words.  As a teacher, I joke with my kiddos that the reason I became a teacher is so that I could talk as much as I wanted and people would have to listen.  My nickname growing up...babbling Brooke. I just love words.  Sometimes I like to keep words to myself, other times I am quick to use my words without thinking.  I am working on that 2nd one!

I love other people's words.  There is no question that I think most people out there are smarter than me, so I love to hear other people's ideas on life, faith, love, really anything!

As a single gal, sometimes the words I hear in my head and heart can get twisted.  Those words I hear that tell me I am not enough.  I will never be enough.  That I will always be alone.  No one wants me.  That I will always be waiting for something more.  And while I know those words are not true, that I am not in a waiting or holding pattern, sometimes I can get stuck in that place.  Anyone else relate?

I don't want to wait.  I want to live now!  I want these years, these days to be full of joy, happiness, sorrow and growth.  I don't want to just be sitting around waiting or striving to be something that I know I can't possibly be.

Maybe you are in this same boat.  Waiting....maybe it is time to stop the waiting and to live!

So today it is someone else's thoughts from their blog which brought me encouragement and challenged my view of waiting! Hopefully they will provide some encouragement for you today....


Be encouraged, dear friends!  Get out there and LIVE!


  1. I know how much joy you bring to our lives! And I clearly see the wonderful, wonderful things you bring to so many others. I love that babbling brooke, and you never need build any dams around us. I'm in it for the good, the bad, the blessings, and the ugly... just as I know you are for me! Much love, sweet friend. Keep up the blogging! :)

  2. Girl, I think you have spoken for every 30-something single girl out there. We all need to encourage each other to wait only on the Lord, whom I feel quite certain put us here to LIVE! :) I'll join you in leaving the waiting room!! Love you! AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH! We have to fix this. Soon!


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