Thursday, August 14, 2008

July...Oh what a month!

As promised, here is my update on the crazy fun month of July. There is so much to share and I am sure that I will miss out on something but hopefully you will get a glimpse of how I spent my summer from this post. The month began in Hayesville, NC at the beautiful Truett Camp. I have been blessed to be a part of this ministry for several years now, thanks to some friends who thought I might make a good camp counselor. And I am hooked. I have not been there since I was in diapers like Sarai, Marty and Lori but in these few short summers I have gained some amazing friends, grown in my faith and had some amazing memories. I do love summer camp!

Here is our suddenly dramatic face...gotta love taking the directions in the choral music literally!

Hanging out with some of the crazy staff at the surprise staff party we put together! I miss these kids!

God has really blessed me with the chance to worship and spend the week at camp with some of my students from my school. Here is Rebecca...such a blessing!

Once camp ended, I hurried home to spend a few days in Hickory before I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Shannon. Shannon was engaged in May and her fiance, Jordan was transferred to that also meant Shannon was transferred to Mississippi. Shannon is such a kindred spirit and amazing friend! I miss her so much. But it was good to spend a little quality time together before she left. Here is the crew celebrating her!

After a teary goodbye breakfast with Shannon, it was time to get on the road again for me. This time, it was a Not New York Week with some of the bestest friends ever. A group of us had planned an amazingly cheap NYC trip for this summer. But plans fell through when our cheap airline, Skybus, went bankrupt, so what to do but plan another fun outing. Thanks to Lori and Beth, we had a blast. We headed to Hotlanta for a little girl time, cheesecake, and shopping! What fun! I even got to visit with my little cousin Billy Mac for a little while! One thing I think we are all learning as we get a little older is that one of the most precious gifts we have is the time we spend together! I know this trip really spoke that to me! And on our way, we found a Dwarf House...of course we had to stop and have our picture made!

Shopping and Cheesecake Factory are always a must when we find ourselves in Atlanta!

As July came to a close, Sarai and I loaded up once more and headed to Tennessee to visit with the Martins! Katrina gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Madison Elise, and we just had to go visit, love on and hang out with the Martins. Such a sweet time to be with this amazing family. I am so blown away by their strength and faith. So much had happened to them post-delivery and to most people they probably would have thrown in the towel after what they had experienced. But not my dear friends...they are such a testimony to the love, peace, strength and grace God gives us everyday! Words can't express how much this visit meant to me...
Meet the Martins ladies...Hope, Maddie and Katrina!

And here is Maddie with her mommy, Auntie Sarai and Auntie Brooke...what a joy!

Wow...just recapping the highlights of this month make me tired...but a good tired! I am so blessed to have all these amazing people in my life! Can't wait for next summer!

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  1. We really might be the most fun people on the face of the planet!! I've loved spending almost every day of the summer with you!


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