Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Big 3-0

Well is official! I have joined the sacred 30 club! And so far it is not so bad! I just kinda can't believe it...30 seemed so old not too long ago, and now I can honestly say that I feel like it is going to be the beginning of an amazing journey! So to commemorate my turning 30 I have decided to blog for the next 30 days. I am going to share the Top 30 thing I learned in my first 30 years! Now if you know me well, you know that I might be doubling up on some days...but hopefully I can share some things I have learned during this crazy journey we call life! Some will be serious...some will be funny...some will probably just make sense to me! I think this is going to be a little therapeutic for me...a way to reflect on how much I have grown and changed over the last years! So here we go...

#1...Birthdays should be celebrated in a BIG WAY and should involved birthday cake and ice cream!!!! I love birthday cake. My friend Sarai and I often say we think it should be a food group all by itself! So even though this is not a major life lesson, it is a sweet one! Birthdays are more fun with cake! Ice cream cake, Sam's cake, homemade cake, birthday cake ice cream...all things birthday cake are good! Sometimes I will go to the store and by a birthday cake when it is not my special day and eat it! I mean I am sure it is some one's birthday that day! So if you have not had birthday cake in a while...enjoy some friends and invite me over...I love birthday cake!

PS...I did not have a picture of my birthday cake, so I am including a picture of Katrina' was a yummy ice cream cake! So good!!!!

Stay tuned...more to come!

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