Tuesday, April 28, 2015


One of my go to sayings as a teacher is , "You are in charge of yourself."  My students can often finish this statement when the first words are uttered from my mouth.  And really if we are honest, when dealing with elementary aged kiddos, you can guess that I say this a lot! 

This morning, I had to take my own words to heart.  After sharing with a dear friend that I am feeling out of control in some areas of my life, specifically my health and wellness , she reminded me of the word I choose for this year.  PRESENT.  I find it so easy to be present with others, to be there for them, to be present in the fun and excitement of everyday life.  But where I think I struggle the most is being present with myself.  I have a hard time accepting my present.  Living in the present with the current Brooke.  Don't you think this is a struggle for many women?  Our hands are in so many pots, our time is not often our own and we find ourselves feeling out of control in lots of areas in our lives.  Healthy eating, cleaning the house, reading for pleasure, spending time in prayer.  

While my priorities have shifted in the last several months for some very good reasons, I still have to take time to make myself a priority.  I know that when I make the sacrifice to take care of myself I am able to care and love for those people in my life so much better.  It's time to stop spending so much time think about what I want to be, what I ought to be doing and make some changes.  

Even just thinking about this for the last few hours, it has been so easy to let fear creep in, to hear the voice that says I won't be able to do this.  But  for today I am going to choose to listen to the small voice that says I can, I am worth it and capable.  

Thanks for letting me share a little randomness today!  Happy Tuesday friends!

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