Thursday, April 30, 2015

all the thoughts on a thursday

Well, it's Thursday, so it is time to share all the random thoughts!  Hope you friends are having a great week!  

I'm thinking....

* sharing your heart on your blog can be a little intimidating, but good for the soul.

* the last month at the schoolhouse is CRAZY...that is really the only word to describe it.  But I am trying to hold on, because summer is coming!

* knowing that this weekend I get to meet up with one of my besties for breakfast and some shopping makes this long week worth it...

* making goals for April was good in theory, but I failed miserably.  The temptation is to not set any for May, but I am going to accept my failure and try again.  That's the adult thing to do right?

* that I want to take a fun adventure for my birthday this year...NYC?  Beach?  Something....

* the last of my Easter candy is almost gone, does anyone else love those Sweettart Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies?  I am addicted!

* being loved and cared for is a good feeling.  

* you are braver than you think you are, so take a risk!

Happy Thursday friends!  Hope your week has been treating you well!

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