Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The biggest leesson of all...

Never commit to writing a list of things at the beginning of the school year...because it will not get done! Wow...what a big time blog slacker I am! I apologize to all three of you who actually read this blog for not being able to commit to actually following through with this list of 30 things. To be really honest, I really think my previous post (#5) encompasses so much of what i have learned in my life. Yes, there have been more lessons, trials, joys, but what I experienced that year has molded me and changed me and made me who I am. It was a bit of healing posting about I am not usually one to talk too much about missing my dad. So thank you for letting me share, and for being patient as I try to get back on the blog saddle! I am back friends...probably not back enough to post the rest of this list, but let the new posting begin....

1 comment:

  1. Yay, please get back on the blogging saddle... you know we love it! Wish we could fly out to your shabby chic haven this weekend. Miss you so much friend!


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