Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do Not Fear...

Tonight a new coworker and friend invited me to go with her and her husband to their church for an event. They had set up a large screen in the church parking lot and had a movie night under the stars. I was excited to hang out with this new sister in Christ and to get to know her and her husband a little better. The church was showing the movie, Facing the Giants. I had not seen it but had heard many great things about it. It really was a great movie. Such a good and solid message...With God All Things Are Possible. For those of you who have not seen the movie, it is the story of a high school football team that just can't seem to get a break. The coach really begins to seek the Lord and to have his team play for his glory and the team really turns around. They make it to the state playoffs to face the Giants...this is where I really heard the Lord speak to me. It was at this point in the movie that the young coach was in the locker room before the state championship game. His former coach comes in to encourage him before the game and the coach is just talking about how he is not sure his team is ready and how he is afraid that they will be trampled out on the field. The older coach then reminds the younger one that in the bible God tells us 365 times...Do not fear. The statement was made and I did not even make the connection until Shannon leaned over and said, "Isn't that time for everyday." not fear...once for everyday of the year.
I feel like I have been living most of my life in fear. When I think about what I think, how I choose to act, what I say or more importantly don't say are usually a direct result of being afraid of something. Being afraid of looking stupid, being afraid of what others might be thinking of me, being afraid of being rejected, the list goes on and on. God calls us to live a life that is not full of fear but yet full of faith that He is in control and with Him all things are possible. This is my prayer tonight, that I would begin to live knowing that God is with me, and that through Him I find my strength and should not fear...not today, tomorrow or any day.


  1. Wow - I needed to hear this today. I am so very thankful for friends like you- who God uses to tell me the things I need to hear.

  2. This is so true mt friend! None of us should Fear anything because we know we have the Lord with us at all times. I appreciate your thoughts about this because I often have to be reminded and the way you put it makes perfect sense. I am glad you were able to go and have fun. I am also glad you are back to blogging again:) I miss you friend and hope we can catch up soon.

  3. I love the idea of a movie night under the stars... and what a message to walk away with! I also needed to hear this right now... in fact, I'm remembering hearing a sermon once about how every time an angel (and you know how I am about angels) appeared to someone they always began with some version of, "Do not be afraid!" I love that!

    Don't you like how I posted your pumpkin muffin idea for the world to see over on our spot?! :) Hope you enjoyed your corn maze this past weekend. Hope started feeling better and I was stir crazy from being in the house, so we ended up going too! Wish we could have been at each others!


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