Monday, December 16, 2013

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer...Top 5 Christmas Songs

We are certainly in countdown mode at the schoolhouse, please come quickly Christmas break.  So to help this week go by a little faster, I thought I would do a Christmas Top 5 each day.  Today, we will dedicate the Top 5 to Christmas songs!  

Who doesn't love Christmas music?  If you don't, you should probably keep that opinion to yourself.  I absolutely adore Christmas tunes.  They are catchy, meaningful, and one of the best ways for me to get in the Christmas spirit!  It is not unusual for me to sneak in a little Christmas music goodness before the holiday season begins.  It really will be difficult for me to choose just 5 songs that are my all time favorites,  but here goes!  

#1:  O Holy Night (Shane and Shane version)
For those readers who know me, you are probably not surprised by the version that is my favorite.  Shane and Shane are one of my favorite bands, and their version of this song is truly my favorite (with the Sara Groves version running a close second).   I really love how they change up the traditional version and make it their own.

#2:  A Christmas to Remember (Kenny and Dolly)
One of my all time favorite Christmas albums has always been, Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny and Dolly.  I have fond memories of singing these songs with my dad in the car on the way to my grandparents for the holidays.  Such classic country songs by 2 of the best!  Who doesn't love springtime feelings in the middle of December?  (The video is a little strange, but the song is just as good!)

#3:  Little Drummer Boy (Pentatonix version)
So many times I feel like the Little Drummer Boy, feeling like I have nothing to offer Jesus.  My gifts are not worthy of the one who gave up so much for me.  But I am quickly reminded that the best gift I can offer is my gifts and talents, my service.  I love the line in this song that says, "Then he smiled at me".  What a beautiful picture of how the Lord looks at us. And this version, well, it speaks for itself!  

#4:  It's a Marshmallow World (Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra)
Once upon a time some friends and I had a CD exchange.  We would make mix CDs for each other each month and send them in the mail.  It was probably one of my favorite things in the world.  My friend Beth included this song on her Christmas edition and I fell in love!  Love this song and it's catchy tune! 

#5: You're Here (Francesca Battistelli)
I am afraid to even say this, but this might be my all time favorite Christmas tune.  Every time I hear this song, I am overwhelmed with the idea of how God came to earth as a tiny baby in a dirty manager just for me.  This song is written from the point of view of Mary, a teenage mom who was holding the Savior of the World.  I can't imagine the feelings and thoughts that were running through her mind.  I love how in this video Francesca is holding her own baby as she sings about the tiny savior who was born. 

What is your favorite Christmas song?  I would love to hear!

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