Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let's Go To the Movies...Top 5 Christmas Movies

I love when my schedule allows for a lazy Sunday afternoon, curled up on the couch watching Christmas movies.  Really there is nothing better!  So here are my top 5 Christmas movies in no particular order.

#1.  Elf

Ok, I am sure this one comes as no surprise to most of you.  I adore this movie.  If you are lucky enough to get to watch it with me, you will have the pleasure of hearing me recite most of the script.  My mom and I even took a trip this year to see the musical version.  This movie makes me smile, and as you all know, smiling is my favorite!  

#2.  The Holiday

I could watch this movie on repeat for days.  I love the story, love the actors, just love this movie.  Kate Winslet's little cottage reminds me of my little house, well, they are similar but different! I love the idea of house swapping for vacation and exploring new parts of the world.  And well friends, Jude Law, is such a cutie!  And Jack Black's songs...so cute!

#3.  Christmas Vacation

You serious Clark!  This movie has some of the best lines.  I must give my great friend Sarai some credit for really helping me fall in love with this movie.  When I watch this movie I laugh til my sides hurt.  Sometimes I think my family might have a little Griswold in them as well!  :)

#4.  Home Alone

When this movie had first come out in the theaters, my family went to see it and took my Grandmother.  I think it might have been the last movie she went to see in the theater.  I have never seen someone laugh so hard at a movie.  I love that this movie takes place in NYC...one of my favorite places!  Kevin is such a sly little guy and has some amazing adventures!   This one is a must see you filthy animal!  

#5.  The Family Stone

I really love the house in this movie!  I love the hustle and bustle and all the family memories that are shared during this movie.  It's a good reminder to me that families will change, but that times like Christmas remain the same.  And the cast, well they are amazing!  

What are your favorite movies to watch at Christmas time?  Maybe I will find a new favorite :)

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