Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 18 and beyond....

Day 18.  I made it to Day 18 and then I fell off the grid.  It's funny how one bump in the road, one day of just not feeling like you measure up and play into so many areas of your life.  This is kinda a pattern in my life, the whole not able to follow through with things.  And if I were honest with myself, it is probably one of that parts of me I hate more than anything.  It makes me feel weak, messy, unworthy.  But it is also what brings me to my favorite thing that is big enough for days 19-31 of writing, and that is GRACE.



I will never fully comprehend it.  I will never be able to understand the vast measure of grace that I have been shown.  But I just know I am thankful.  Grace can look like lots of different things in my life.  First and foremost it looks like a God who looks past my screw ups, my messiness and welcomes me with loving and open arms, and ultimately that is enough.  

My life is full of glimpses of grace everyday.  From a co-worker who sends a little card of encouragement when they see through the fake smile.  Somedays it looks like my sweet momma taking the brunt of a meltdown that has nothing to do with her.  Grace takes on the personality of a friend who can look past the fact that I am a terrible phone friend and loves me despite the fact that it might have been 10 years a week since I returned a call.  

I could go on and on with stories of how I am given doses of grace daily, sometimes even hourly.  It is such an undeserved act, nothing I can do can earn that grace I am shown.  What a thought?  Some might even call it amazing!  

So today and everyday really, I am thankful for grace, for people who look past my faults, my messy, my masks and jump in the craziness with me and extend grace. 

And sometimes we even have to extend that grace to ourselves, you know when we promise to blog for 31 days and only make it 18.  But here is the next 18 or maybe just 1...

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