Monday, October 3, 2011

31 days of truth...a little late

So, the Nester, is sponsoring 31 days writing project over at her blog. I had written my first 2 responses and then deleted them because I was not sure I was really ready to start something like this. And now, I am already behind, but I really feel led, pushed, pulled, to participate in this challenge. If you look at her blog, you will find all kinds of topics that people are choosing to blog about for the next 31 days. Everything from 31 days of joy to 31 days of photo tips to 31 days of thrifty shopping to 31 days of courage. My heart has been really drawn to this idea of 31 days of truth.
Why, truth? That is a good question. The Lord has had me on a kinda crazy journey the past year or so with really understanding His truth about me. While I am still not sure I am really embracing what he says is true about me, I am working to replace the truth I think about myself with His truth. So for the next few days, and let's be honest here, if you have read my blog at all, you know this will not really be everyday, and I might eventually finish these 31 days, I will be talking about truth. I will be sharing some of the truth I feel about my life right now, in this stage. I will share about the truth that the Lord says about me through His word. It will be a good mixture, I hope, of what is going on in Brooke's head and what the Lord is trying to get me to see!
Thank you for letting me be honest, in these posts. I think this is going to be a quite the experience for me!

so here is the first little bit of truth....
i am crazy nervous about how the lord might use this in my life, but so excited at the same time!

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